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Small Youngstown law firm seeking litigation attorney, primarily personal injury, for its busy litigation practice. Three to five years of experience preferred. Salary commensurate with experience. Partnership available. All resumes and contact information should be sent to Youngstown Law Firm, P.O. Box 6565, Youngstown, Ohio 44501. *603



Plaintiff seeks legal malpractice expert report by September 5, 2014 to :
1) establish prevailing standard of professional care (the lawyer’s duty) in the Ninth Appellate District, quite consistent with OBA professional and ethics guidelines, which is expected of a Domestic Relations Court advocate and counselor to:
a) properly and zealously represent and advise a CPO respondent;
and accordingly:
b) protect such client’s interests & rights under the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions particularly as to insuring -where at all possible - proper parental access to all natural, legal, minor children permissively included under RC 3113.31 (O);
and then:
2) show whether any obvious and/or non-obvious (to a lay jury) breach(es) of legal professional duty occurred which damaged/compromised client’s rights or interests.
In sum: Plaintiff’s expert is to show whether attorney possessed AND responsibly exercised sufficient knowledge and skilled ability to protect the client’s concerns via all reasonable pre-trial preparations, and generally via exercising all applicable Ohio procedural and local Domestic Relations rules…before, during, and even after trial as part of a strong RC 3113.31 / RC 2903.211 defense including, but not limited to:
a) conducting proper discovery, investigating all hidden witness motives;
b) introducing exhibits to fully inform the Court as to competing purposes;
c) objecting as to relevancy of Petitioner’s exhibit(s) or witnesses prior to trial;
d) objecting to hearsay and/or postponing to subpoena certain witnesses;
e) preserving – not waiving – all relevant matters as issues for potential appeal;
f) eschewing harsh and/or otherwise permitted summary findings/conclusions by:
i) crafting an excellent Civ. R. 52 motion and proposed order, with all available exhibits, whether or not accepted into evidence, and
ii) using Civ. R. 60(b) to explain to Court any:
- mistake, inadvertence, or excusable neglect
- previously unavailable evidence (subsequent to testimony)
- factors of fraud (as to evidence or underlying motives) ;
g) properly handing client off to any other attorney for post-CPO hearing defense and mitigation efforts, including: I) objections; II) Civ R 60(b) filing; and/or III) appeal.
Budget of $10k. Full attention required. 40-50 hrs estimate. Call M @ 716-239-9153 *567



Experienced legal secretary needed for a small but busy Youngstown law firm. Probate and Social Security experience preferred but not required. Position is full time with health and retirement benefits. Send resume and contact information to Youngstown Law Firm, P.O. Box 6565, Youngstown, Ohio 44501. *604