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Tips from the ABA for travelling lawyers

The American Bar Association has published some recommendations for attorneys on the road. It’s a pretty good overview of topics that legal tech writers have been covering for years, so--- here we go!
Put your name and contact info on all of your devices on self-adhesive tape. Many devices also allow a lock screen to displa ... (full story)

Cybersecurity checklist

Cyber is important. And so is, you know, cybersecurity, which is finally rising toward the top of the topical topics discussion list in the mainstream media.
The Wisconsin Lawyer, a leader in discussing lawyer cybersecurity, recently posted a useful seven-pronged checklist for attorneys to use for making sure that their data is s ... (full story)

Contract Catch: A new app checks contract language

A long time ago, in a city far, far away, before I went to law school, I worked as a proofreader at the Wall Street law firm Reid & Priest. There were four of us in a little office going over what was, at the time, the emergent word processing technology as it was being applied to legal documents. (This was 1978-79, so I’v ... (full story)

Clipboard managers can really help

Everyone who writes documents on computing devices knows how to copy and paste. That word processing function lifts sections of text from a document, puts it onto a “clipboard,” and then copy it back to another document or another place in the same document.
But the standard clipboard is really pretty low-function. Th ... (full story)

Is an FBI hack a Fourth Amendment search?

(You may not know this but) law enforcement has the capability to hack into computers using software (malware for you privacy advocates) called a Network Investigative Technique, or NIT.
Several cases have recently come before federal judges arising from the use of NIT to track thousands of computers accessing one dark website wh ... (full story)