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ABA overview on cyber liability insurance

A recent American Bar Association survey found that, while all attorneys are required to carry professional liability insurance, only eleven percent of attorneys have coverage for data breaches and other potential problems cybersecurity problems.
Clearly, at this point, the news of an endless cycle of cyber breaches in law firms ... (full story)

Taking credit card payments

Every once in a while, this column will pause its screaming about ESI and computer security and talk about something practical.
This is the day!
Here are six methods of taking credit card and other electronic payments from clients. Or, really, from anyone. Like you would turn down money.
All of these services do charge a pr ... (full story)

The other way data is compromised

We write a lot about data compromised by outside forces like hackers and phishers.
But a great deal of data is lost by people who are associated with the firm. That includes data that is acquired by a third party through carelessness, negligence, or malice by someone inside the firm, or someone who has recently left the firm.
... (full story)

BlueStylus: Basic, mobile case management—cheap

For those of you who don’t trust mobile apps to run sophisticated case management systems, you may want to check out this new, small and slick-looking mobile CMS app—especially since it offers a free trial.
BlueStylus was developed by attorneys who were looking for an easier way to post time and billing on a mobile pl ... (full story)

Rewritten FRCP Rule 37(e): Sanctions for spoliation

Among a number of changes that came to the Federal Rules of Civil procedure last December was one that may be destined to change the way that every single business in this country preserves its electronically stored information (ESI).
Rule 37(e), as rewritten, now allows courts to impose an escalating series of sanctions on a par ... (full story)