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What is old is new again: WordPerfect is back

Many, many years ago, there was a debate/war between Microsoft’s Word word processing program and a Canadian word processing program called WordPerfect. In particular, over time, WordPerfect tried to develop itself into a singular solution for the law office.
The war ended a long time ago, it seemed, won by Microsoft, alth ... (full story)

Evernote: The next app to take over the world

Evernote has been around for about 10 years as a go-to information storage app. Very popular, with 100 million users, Evernote has been a desktop/device app for note taking and storing audio and video clips and web pages for future reference.
But over the next few months, Evernote plans to become a multifunctional power app, sta ... (full story)

Scrubbing metadata

Some previous columns have gone over the uses and dangers of metadata—the hidden information contained in documents (mostly in Word and Word Perfect) that describes the process by which any individual document has been constructed over time. It is the program memory of document construction.
Smart devices also have metada ... (full story)

Half of law office computers infected

The American Bar Association’s annual tech survey is always good for a few eye-opening statistics. It is still pretty much the Wild West out there, as far as law firm computer security goes.
According to the latest survey, nearly one-half of all law firm computers in the past year became infected with a virus, spyware or o ... (full story)

Clients going mobile

“I’m goin’ mobile…. Keep me moving….” The Who.
According to recent data, nearly one-third of all people—31 percent––who are searching for a lawyer are going to do so from their mobile devices.
That means that, if your e-biz model, or your business model altogether, isn&r ... (full story)