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Google Business apps for the small law office

Google has so many apps that it’s difficult to keep track of all of them. But the company does provide a low-cost ($5-10/month) service that puts everything a small office needs into one neat package.
Google Business, combined with a few extra apps, can power the small or solo law office with back-end functionality.
The ... (full story)

Sunshine app offers large data file transfer

It’s in beta, but the new Sunshine app looks like it has the potential to offer large data file transfer without using the cloud or any other intermediary platform.
This little app looks like it might have the ability to radically alter how these large files are transferred and, particularly, to change that process across t ... (full story)

Harvard Law Library to be digitized, available free to the public

The entire law library of Harvard University will be scanned and digitized in a recently-announced partnership between the school and legal data company Ravel Law (https://www.ravellaw.com).
The initiative, called “Free the Law,” will make all 42,000 volumes in the library available to the public in searchable, digita ... (full story)

App adds legal proofreading to Word

For a $100, law firms can now purchase a Word add-in that acts as a proofreading department for the entire enterprise.
The add-in is called American Legal Style for PerfectIt, from Chicago/London company Intelligent Editing (http://intelligentediting.com), a developer of proofreading software.
American Legal Style is a new (O ... (full story)

Top 2015 legal apps rated

So Microsoft did a really interesting thing with its Windows 10 nomenclature (I just acquired a W10 PC). All programs are now called––not programs––but “apps.” So now people like me don’t have to try to distinguish between desktop “programs” and phone/tablet based “apps&rdq ... (full story)