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Make sure the paperless office includes e-signatures

So, the office is on its way to being totally paperless, right?
Except that every document that needs a signature has to be printed out first and signed, and then somehow transported to wherever it needs to go.
Not very efficient. Or necessary, in many cases. If you’re going to go paperless (and everybody is), you need ... (full story)

Smartphone security tips

Jeffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal has just published a comprehensive look at smartphone security. Here are some highlights, in case you’re not a subscriber.
Making your phone secure will take some extra effort, but you really need to do it, for reasons I’ve been publishing for years. Basically, anyone who wan ... (full story)

Free helpful Gmail tools

This is for Gmail and Android users. I promise I’ll write about iOS next.
Some nifty things you can do with Gmail now include:
There are now two ways to encrypt Gmail without having to buy fancy encryption software. The first is SecureGmail from Streak, available in the Chrome Web Store. This only works if both sender ... (full story)

Useful new smartphone apps for lawyers

This is the kind of column that could be written nearly every day, but here are some good, new (or newi-sh) apps of interest.
Some people actually do use a smartphone as a phone. For them, try out TalkNotes and CallWho Smart Contacts.
TalkNotes ($2) is an Android app that allows you to take notes on your phone while a call is ... (full story)

Pittsburgh the hotbed of cybercrime prosecution

For several reasons, neighboring Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania seems to be cybercrime prosecution central. And it’s not because there’s nothing to do there because the Penguins got knocked out in the second round again (not bitter).
Two high-profile international cybercrime cases have recently been brought in front of the ... (full story)