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Ransomware attacks multiple law firms

It is here. In the law office. One of the worst forms of phishing is now deliberately attacking law offices, winning and getting away with it.
It starts out as a phishing expedition. Click on the wrong link (by an untrained legal assistant, for instance), and a virus gets loaded into your system that systematically ... (full story)

Yes, how you handle your email matters

Email communication may be lost in the continuous shuffle of social media, e-filing and whatever else lawyers use to contact their world.
But email is still probably the primary means of communication between attorneys and clients and other attorneys.
We generally take email for granted but there are numerous missteps that att ... (full story)

How to book appointments through your website

There are several apps that will allow you to book appointments through your website. This would be particularly useful for smaller or solo offices, maybe without full-time secretarial help, that may rely on voicemail for a lot of your client communication (nothing wrong with that, but phone tag via voicemail can be very frustrating ... (full story)

Electronic signing apps update

If you’re not into the future, it’s coming to get you anyway. You can’t avoid it.
At some point in that future, and probably sooner rather than later, your law office will be paperless. Courts certainly want to go in that direction, if they are not already there.
Paperless offices require electronically-creat ... (full story)

Google won’t Google jury pool

In the 2003 Gene Hackman/ Dustin Hoffman legal thriller Runaway Jury, based on the John Grisham novel, much of the moviegoing world was introduced to the profession of jury research.
In that well-received film, the audience was taken behind the scenes of a firm that specialized in researching, and finding weaknesses in, individua ... (full story)