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Lawyers can now be trained and certified in legal tech

I’m going to tell attorneys how to get trained and certified in basic, and some advanced, legal technology—even though that may eventually render this column moot.
No, it won’t. Too much weirdness in the field to write about. I’ll never run out of material.
But anyway, enter the Legal Technology Core Co ... (full story)

Skype is changing. Is it secure for attorneys?

Skype’s fundamental technology is changing, moving from a platform based in individual users’ devices to the cloud.
A number of experts are asking questions about how these changes will affect the security of the platform going forward.
In this column, we always ask: How will that affect attorneys?
Skype is a p ... (full story)

ABA gives advice on creating the paperless office

The American Bar Association recently published a very good overview on the transition to a paperless law office and came up with a raison d’etre that had escaped me before: a paperless office lets lawyers take their entire offices, and all of their files, with them wherever they go.
In the article, Oakland, California atto ... (full story)

Recycle your old electronics

Smart lawyers don’t do dumb things, right? Like throwing old electronics (cell phones, laptops, printers, etc.) into the garbage.
Of course not. Smart lawyers are cognizant that a U.N. study showed that 12 pounds of electronic waste for every person on earth, or almost 42 million metric tons of the stuff, went into landfill ... (full story)

Making your website a productivity tool

Still using your website as only a marketing tool? Time to come into the present.
There are now a number of apps that can take an old, Web 1.0, passive law firm website and turn it into an integrated client communication platform. The result is a website that acts like, and can replace, in part or in whole, an administrative ass ... (full story)