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OBLIC starts fifth year of cyber insurance coverage

The Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company is entering into its fifth year of offering cybersecurity (cyber breach) insurance to Ohio lawyers, and the effort to add that protection to the company’s basic legal malpractice coverage was well worth it, said President and CEO Steve Couch.
“We have had four solid years&rdq ... (full story)

More than half of lawyers now work remotely

While most of the data from the 2019 ABA tech report shows that the legal industry still struggles with even the basics of technology, there is one area in which some progress is being made through the past few years—the use of the cloud in general and remote working in particular.
As the tech-oriented millennial generatio ... (full story)

ABA survey: Lawyers continue to ignore cloud security

Clouds are ephemeral things. They constantly change shape and move fast through their atmosphere. They hardly seem real. But they also come with hurricanes and tornadoes.
Cloud computing, on the other hand, is real. It is also another misnomer in a vast ocean of computing misnomers—and maybe that’s why so many lawyer ... (full story)

Case management software implementation plateauing

The 2019 ABA TECHREPORT is out, and it does not have particularly good news for practice/case management software companies.
Across the board in all sizes of law firms, case management systems have less than a 40% market penetration. Makes me wonder how the rest of the firms handle all of their data—maybe stacks of files a ... (full story)

Lawyers still can’t figure out online marketing

One of the great things that comes out of reading end-of-the-year legal tech surveys is a true overview of how slow the legal market continues to be in adopting technology. Not new technology, mind you. Any technology.
Take the case of online marketing. The 2019 ABA tech survey has some rather startling revelations regarding the ... (full story)