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Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments on medical records case

The Ohio Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a case that may define the term “medical records” for the state’s health care providers and their patients, in an argument that illuminated the differences and difficulties in Ohio courts adapting to the rapidly changing technologies of data storage and its po ... (full story)

Try a full slate of LexisNexis litigation tools free

One of the difficulties in deciding what litigation e-tools to use is trying to figure out what companies are dependable enough to even take a look at.
Well, dependability isn’t a problem with LexisNexis. It may have other problems (like cost), but the products definitely work (although please don’t read this as an en ... (full story)

FTC can regulate companies with inadequate cybersecurity

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the company that owns the Wyndham Hotels chain in holding that the Federal Trade Commission can regulate companies that have a pattern of cybersecurity breaches by writing that those breaches constitute unfair trade practices.
This ruling is a warning to every company or fir ... (full story)

Cloud-based e-discovery on the way

A recent survey by the Gartner technology advising and research firm looked at 20 e-discovery companies, and found, among other things, that virtually none of them worked in the cloud, and that the few that did, did so in limited ways.
Perhaps those firms are listening to those of us who feel that the cloud, or servers owned by o ... (full story)

Experts warn against Windows 10 for professionals

The Windows 10 free upgrade rolled out at the end of July. It is a “.0” iteration, so it probably has a lot of bugs and other problems, and Microsoft has always been notorious for “allowing” its users to be guinea pigs in finding bugs, but some computer experts are already warning against professionals, or a ... (full story)