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Free encrypted chat apps

Just because you’re paranoid, they say, doesn’t mean that somebody isn’t following you.
And, as we now know, the Internets are completely insecure at every level—even down to the root of laptops.
I haven’t really done chat since AOL acquired ICU (a long time ago), but lots of folks do, or they Sk ... (full story)

Not annoying judges, part 1 million

Here’s a test: what do you think that you would have to do to engender a court order entitled: Order on One Millionth Discovery Dispute?
In a way, this had to happen eventually. It’s probably happening in every federal court, to some degree. Lots of people have predicted it, over the last few years.
The increasing ... (full story)

Managing your receipts from your phone

Here are five phone apps that you can use to manage your receipts while you’re on the go. Each has different levels of functionality and learning curves, so try them all out to see which one might be right for you.
Receipts. The most basic app has the most basic name, is the simplest to use, but might be the one most people ... (full story)

Browser and app extensions and add-ons for lawyers

You may or not have, or need, an entire productivity suite. But there are many times when just a quick little app or browser extension can save a lot of time in performing just one necessary function while you’re online. And, you know, Westlaw is expensive.
Here are a few that may be worth looking at for lawyers.
Bestla ... (full story)

Taking the best smartphone photos

Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and so are their cameras. Worldwide statistics show that camera sales are way down while smartphone sales are way up over the last three or four years.
That means that it is likely that you or someone in your firm will be taking accident photos or injury photos or some other necessary legal office ... (full story)