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Google won’t Google jury pool

In the 2003 Gene Hackman/ Dustin Hoffman legal thriller Runaway Jury, based on the John Grisham novel, much of the moviegoing world was introduced to the profession of jury research.
In that well-received film, the audience was taken behind the scenes of a firm that specialized in researching, and finding weaknesses in, individua ... (full story)

ABA Tech Review 2015: Lawyers and Social Media

The ABA’s annual legal technology survey for 2015 dug deeply into numerous aspects of the topic, including lawyers’ relationship with blogging and social media. Here are some of the survey’s findings.
Any legal technology consultant will tell any law firm that it should maintain a blog. Who listens to experts? ... (full story)

2015 ABA trends: The virtual law office

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but only about five percent of attorneys who responded to the 2015 American Bar Association’s annual technology survey consider themselves to have a virtual law office.
First question: what is a virtual law office?
According to the survey, “At its most literal, the ... (full story)

Nearly a quarter of large firms reported security breaches in 2015

According to the ABA’s 2015 Techreport, data security breaches were a major problem for law firms in 2015.
Nearly one quarter of firms comprised of 100 or more attorneys participating in the report’s surveys said that the firm had reported a data breach. The smaller the firm, the lower the level of these breaches, unt ... (full story)

Lawyers and mobile technology: 2015 ABA survey

The 2015 American Bar Association legal technology survey covered a lot of ground, and we are going to cover some of that survey.
This week’s column will go over some results from the mobile computing segment of that survey.
One interesting fact from the survey was that the questions were answered by an older collective ... (full story)