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Performing a social media strategy checkup

If your social media is getting you the results you want—good for you. But if you are treading water or trending downward, even if you are dedicating the amount of time you need to—you probably need to tighten up your approach. Here are some things to look at to update and freshen your social media.
First, don’ ... (full story)

Discussing DC cybersecurity updates

Lots of stuff going on recently in the fluid interfaces among the US government, various hackers, and the cybersecurity field. Here are a few highlights.
Congress yells at the FBI about ransomware. Over the last Fourth of July weekend, a ransomware group named REvil attacked between 800 and 1,500 companies, locking down their co ... (full story)

Tips on hiring a law firm marketing agency

There are numerous reasons to hire a law firm marketing agency if your business is to the point that you need to connect with more potential clients, but you don’t have the time or skills to market yourself.
For one, they will know how to create specific social media campaigns tailored to your needs without you having to e ... (full story)

New remote out-of-state attorney rules adopted

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted a few new rules controlling the ability of out-of-state attorneys to remotely practice law in the state.
The rules comprise amendments to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 5.5 and the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio in Gov. Bar R. I, Section 19 and Gov. Bar R ... (full story)

Google releases geofence warrant stats

Say you’re driving down the street. Any street. Any time. Talking on your phone. Unbeknownst to you, a drug deal is happening three blocks away. Well, you know, an illegal drug, War on Drugs deal.
The police get a warrant for cellphone pings within a radius of the tower the drug deal is using. They serve that warrant on Go ... (full story)