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Tell corporate clients to archive social media accounts

Most companies know by now that they have to archive all of their electronic communication as a fundamental part of the now-evolved e-discovery world. But how many of them include social media in those archives?
Not very many, as it turns out.
According to some recent studies, most major corporations have at least a half doze ... (full story)

WiFi and BYOD security issues

Yep, that headline would have made no sense even three or four years ago.
But now, with the proliferation of wifi networking, and “bring your own device” portability, where firm members work on private devices at the office (or vice versa), new security issues have developed that need to be addressed by the firm now. ... (full story)

Document collaboration with clients

Document collaboration through the cloud and dedicated doc sharing services is coming of age, as more and more attorneys and clients seem to be becoming familiar and comfortable with this very powerful way of working together on important projects.
Cloud document collaboration makes it easier for multiple people to access docume ... (full story)

What is WhatsApp?

By now, most people know that Facebook has purchased a company called WhatsApp for $19 billion (and some people know that Sequoia Capital, the sole VC in the mix, pulled in over $6 billion on the deal).
So WhatsApp? It’s an example of an instant messaging technology over a smartphone that many experts predict will replace ... (full story)

Windows free desktop improvements, part 2

Continuing on with free Windows applications that could be helpful/useful:
Searching the desktop. Windows comes with a barely-functional desktop search program. Google used to have a desktop search program, but doesn’t anymore. Two usable desktop search programs are Everything and Copernic. Both let you find all of the fil ... (full story)