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Making documents accessible

Word 365 is rolling out an accessibility checker in its next update. It will operate in the background and check what you’re writing for accessibility as you write. What/why, you may ask.
Well, certain disabilities make it more difficult for some people to understand the material in the document. For instance, a color-blind ... (full story)

Investment money pouring into legal AI

Legal tech blogger Bob (“God”) Ambrogi just posted that $200 million in new investment capital has found its way to legal tech companies in just May and June of this year. The money went into companies that are either based in machine learning (sometimes called “artificial intelligence”), an increasingly impo ... (full story)

California passes its own GDPR

Over the objections of California’s big data companies like Google and Facebook, the state has recently passed tightened data privacy laws that echo the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Which brings up the question: do all these companies now regret locating in Cali?
California’s new law is called ... (full story)

Who’d believe it? Problems implementing GDPR

It came as quite the shock to me, but not everyone was ready for the GDPR implementation that came May 25th. (Actually, just about nobody was because everyone was fixated on where LeBron was going to go).
Here are several noticeable problems that came along with the implementation of EU’s new privacy laws:
Un: Clash of l ... (full story)

Online voice search is the new upcoming tech lawyers need to get a grip on

People searching the internet for things like lawyers are using voice search more and more, and so lawyers need to line themselves up into this new world if they want to be the one that a potential client finds when she says, “Siri, find me a divorce lawyer.”
Because, you see, the algorithms are different for voice se ... (full story)