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Lexis for MS Office: Legal word processing, proofreading and more

I usually write about free stuff and small tech companies, but it is noteworthy when two companies of the size and reach of Microsoft and LexisNexis combine products to create a dedicated office suite designed for attorneys.
Welcome to Lexis for Microsoft Office 5.2, perhaps the only office suite whose very name requires two regi ... (full story)

Your phone is still yours, for now

As the Obama administration has seemingly, at least temporarily, given up on getting backdoor access to secured data, one federal court recently came down on the side of keeping secure information from the government.
Citing Fifth Amendment protections, one federal district court has ruled that a prosecutor has no right to the pa ... (full story)

Legal technology purchasing surveyed

Each year, the International Legal technology Association (ILTA) conducts a survey of law firms to see what they’re buying these days.
The 2015 ILTA legal technology survey, the 10th annual, was distributed to about 1300 members of the organization. Law firms were categorized by size: small (1-49 lawyers, 41 percent of resp ... (full story)

The time has come for the paperless law office

It’s time. It’s time to save the trees with office-wide, coordinated implementation of the paper-free law office.
New court clerk software that is being installed everywhere, including at the Ohio Supreme Court and in the federal courts, is allowing the electronic filing of court documents.
At the same time, docume ... (full story)

Cell phone and social media forensics cracked the Steubenville rape case

Old-fashioned police work merged with the most modern computer forensics to solve one of the most infamous crimes in southern Ohio history.
Two primary investigators in the case, Jean-Phillip Rigaud, currently a special agent in the Ohio Attorney General’s office, but at the time a detective for the Steubenville Police Depa ... (full story)