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Ohio Bar Exam goes online as California, other states adjust

The Ohio state bar exam has been rescheduled from September to October 5 and 6 and has shifted to an online format because of the Coronavirus emergency.
Ohio’s July exam, which was first delayed because of the pandemic, was scheduled for September 9-10. The Ohio Office of Bar Admissions website says: “In all discussi ... (full story)

The post pandemic law office may require emotional intelligence

Well, the new normal is coming into focus, and it is not going to be anything like the old normal for the law office. The future of the law office has gone from being somewhere out there to a tsunami crashing in on the business of law.
Adjusting to the future is now adjusting to the present. If we had dealt with the pandemic wi ... (full story)

Gathering client information from a distance

Among the many changes in the law office as a result of the pandemic, social distancing has suspended or cancelled the ability of attorneys to meet directly with clients in the office.
But like many of the changes distance lawyering has rendered to the business, this may not be a bad thing.
Hopefully, many practicing attorn ... (full story)

Legal tech investment dives from the pandemic

The first time I heard the term “legal technology” was on Scott Piepho’s website “Pho’s Akron Pages” some time in I think the late 1990s. He had decided to designate regular old commercial technology like computers and word processing “legal tech” if it was applied in the law office. T ... (full story)

Legal tech conferences go virtual

Normally, there are about a dozen legal tech conferences worth attending through the year. They usually take place in Chicago, New York, London, Las Vegas, Sedona and Disney World. They are sponsored by organizations like the American Bar Association, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and the Corporate Legal Ope ... (full story)