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All-In-One Practice Management Apps

Many law firms piece together software that they need from multiple sources. But there are companies that provide all-in-one solutions to an entire law office’s needs, so that is always an option.
The ABA’s GP Solo newsletter has a nice overview of this practice management software posted here.
Here are some highl ... (full story)

Small group collaboration in real time

Team collaborative software/ cloud programs are now a part of many law firms. But there are many smaller collaborative projects that just don’t require a large practice management platform or large, expensive group chat rooms.
Quickly coming over the horizon is the next wave of collaboration tools, that now include several ... (full story)

OBLIC Now Covers Cyber Security

The Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company (OBLIC) has added cybersecurity to its standard coverage, effective May 1, 2014.
"We had been working on this for about the last year and a half," said Steven Couch, president and CEO of OBLIC. "We added pretty comprehensive cyber breach, data breach coverage onto our profe ... (full story)

Prepare to lose your device

Somebody reading this column is going to lose/have stolen his/her smartphone/tablet.
Yes, you are.
You can prepare for this eventuality by making it difficult to get into the device, by backing it up and by tracking it.
First, always lock your device using a password. Yes, it’s a pain. Do it. Since most thieves ste ... (full story)

Make sure the paperless office includes e-signatures

So, the office is on its way to being totally paperless, right?
Except that every document that needs a signature has to be printed out first and signed, and then somehow transported to wherever it needs to go.
Not very efficient. Or necessary, in many cases. If you’re going to go paperless (and everybody is), you need ... (full story)