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Is an FBI hack a Fourth Amendment search?

(You may not know this but) law enforcement has the capability to hack into computers using software (malware for you privacy advocates) called a Network Investigative Technique, or NIT.
Several cases have recently come before federal judges arising from the use of NIT to track thousands of computers accessing one dark website wh ... (full story)

Outsourcing office functions to freelancers

Probably the most frustrating thing about small and solo law practice is the number of tasks that a lawyer needs to do that have nothing to do with the practice of law. And, beyond that, there are any number of law-related tasks that an individual lawyer may just not be that good at.
Well, if you look online, and know what you&rs ... (full story)

Big IP cases in next Supreme Court term

The next term of the US Supreme Court, which started the first Tuesday in October (because of Rosh Hashanah) will hear arguments for several interesting IP cases, including a jury award of nearly a billion dollars. It is also being asked for cert in other IP cases that apply to technologies like YouTube.
That case will be Samsung ... (full story)

Lawyer utilities for digital documents in the cloud

If you didn’t understand the heading to this column, you can skip to next week’s. You could also try to be reborn into the 21st century.
If you did understand it, then you are working with cloud-based documents and you’ll need to check to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the process.
The AB ... (full story)

Staying relevant in Google search: the search results have changed

A few months ago, Google’s search engine front page underwent an underpublicized, but very important, change that affects how all businesses come up during a search.
These changes have a particularly powerful effect on what potential clients see when they are searching for a law firm, especially if that firm is paying for h ... (full story)