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Nearly a quarter of large firms reported security breaches in 2015

According to the ABA’s 2015 Techreport, data security breaches were a major problem for law firms in 2015.
Nearly one quarter of firms comprised of 100 or more attorneys participating in the report’s surveys said that the firm had reported a data breach. The smaller the firm, the lower the level of these breaches, unt ... (full story)

Lawyers and mobile technology: 2015 ABA survey

The 2015 American Bar Association legal technology survey covered a lot of ground, and we are going to cover some of that survey.
This week’s column will go over some results from the mobile computing segment of that survey.
One interesting fact from the survey was that the questions were answered by an older collective ... (full story)

LegalNature Pro: Browser-based forms and doc assembly

I briefly mentioned LegalNature Pro in a previous survey column, but it seemed like a product that would be worth a more expanded discussion—so here we are.
Nothing is more portable than a connection to the Internet. While it is now possible to access your documents in a multitude of various apps, it isn’t that easy t ... (full story)

Real estate attorneys targeted in phishing scams

This is a warning for real estate attorneys, agents, buyers, sellers, and other people involved in real estate transactions.
In both Britain and the U.S., and probably in other places, electronic communications containing details of real estate transactions are being specifically targeted by hackers.
Multiple millions of dolla ... (full story)

Creating PDFs: What’s happening now

The Adobe company developed the portable document format (PDF) within its Acrobat app and continues to lead the way with full-powered PDF creation suites. Acrobat also costs a considerable amount of money.
Adobe itself has come out with its most modern version of its PDF creator, called Acrobat DC. It is available at www.acrobat. ... (full story)