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You really need to be doing passwords right. Right now

We’ll save the meditations on the coming, brutally invasive, surveillance state for another time. But it is definitely coming, and very, very soon. If you have any data that needs to be out of the sight of anyone else, make sure it is protected. We’re not kidding anymore.
Besides encryption and never clicking on links ... (full story)

Zipwhip: Client texting dilemma solved

The dilemma: attorneys would like to be able to communicate with their clients, or potential clients, via texting. Texting is the most widely used smartphone app, and enjoys nearly universal use and acceptance.
HOWEVER! You really don’t want to give anyone your private phone number, much less a client. (Perhaps you’d ... (full story)

It’s 2016 and most of you are using smartphones

This year in technology for the general population or other professions correlates roughly to 2006 for the legal profession. But you’re getting better!
The most recent ABA legal technology survey from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center found that most attorneys now use mobile devices both for work and to keep track o ... (full story)

Yet more security advice

Yep, it’s time again to remind all of you that you are not safe online, a warning bell that I’ve been ringing for the better part of two decades.
The dangers should be known to all, at this point- from losing data, to stolen identities, to losing elections. So we won’t go over all that this time. Instead, here ... (full story)

Judge will not order how to respond to ESI request

A case from the Northern District of California featured a federal judge who was unwilling to order a party to use a specific electronically stored information (ESI) discovery technique—in this case, predictive coding to determine the location of responsive ESI.
The case was In re Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) Prods. Liab. Li ... (full story)