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Here come the upgrades: Windows 10 and Android M

Major upgrades are around the corner for the Windows and Android operating systems. Both will be free to most users. Here is a brief overview.
Windows 10 has been reviewed as Microsoft’s attempt, and by way of apology, to fix all of the problems with Windows 8 by doing something like making an app-friendly OS that has some ... (full story)

Communicating automatically

We hear it over and over and over again—the number one cause of grievances and malpractice lawsuits against lawyers is lack of communication between the lawyer and the client.
This evinces a strange little dichotomy—many years ago, automation was seen as a way of creating a less stressful life filled with more leisur ... (full story)

Google Search Changes Its Algorithm Again: Prefers Mobile

Just when you thought it was safe to… no, never mind. It’s never safe to think you know what Google is up to.
There has been another major update to the Google search engine. As of April, Google now will rank its searches based upon how mobile-friendly the website is. That fact, coupled with the last algorithm update ... (full story)

Email encryption made easy

See Citizenfour yet? Worth getting HBO just to see it (and Going Clear).
If you recall, I wrote about the dark web technology that Glenn Greenwald and the team used to communicate with Edward Snowden during the time that Citizenfour was being filmed. In fact, much of the plot of the opening of the film involved the use of encrypt ... (full story)

Catching up

Here are a few things that you may be interested in, none of which would fill an entire column:
Another secure flash drive company has chanced upon my path, this one from Kanguru (so, as a Buddhist, I will always give props to any company name with “guru” in it).
Kanguru has supplied secure media to businesses, the ... (full story)