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The value of health checking the office system

The ABA is here again with some useful tips—this time on running a health check on your systems. As in, you need to do this regularly as a user. These tips aren’t the same as IT tips—like making sure your software is always updated and patched. This is more like what users (that’s you) should be doing regular ... (full story)

Using Onna platform for e-discovery

Onna has developed what looks like a very robust e-discovery platform. It now comes recommended by Josh “Bowtie” Gilliland, one of the leading e-discovery tech writers, so I’m recommending a look just based on that, although I haven’t directly communicated with him about it. I have no connection with this com ... (full story)

Gmail rolls out major upgrade to platform

Gmail recently rolled out a major upgrade to its platform. Here are some features lawyers may want to use.
Gmail Confidential Mode. Confidential mode allows users to create expiration dates on an email (self-destruct), and revoke previous messages. I can mandate a second authentication via text message for access, which means tha ... (full story)

Analyzing contract analytics software

Do any of you here not use the letter “K” to refer to a contract?
Anyway, the ABA Journal has published a nice analysis of contract analytics software, authored by Nicole Black.
Contract analytic software is a leading edge-type of AI that can automatically do in seconds what lawyers take hours to do.
Black writ ... (full story)

Email tracking software may violate the rules of professional conduct

All mass email marketing companies use some form of tracking software that allows the company to see if and when the email was opened and if it was forwarded to anyone. Now several states legal ethics panels, including New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Alaska, have recently determined that the use of that kind of tracking softwar ... (full story)