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ABA Journal’s top 10 legal tech stories

It can safely be said that, with everything else going on, 2017 was a year in which legal technology became standard headline fare ion the mainstream media. No longer just the subject of interest from geeks like me, legal tech decisions now affect the fabric of life for everyone.
In that spirit, the ABA Journal recently listed it ... (full story)

A couple of potentially useful law office services

Here are a couple of potentially useful services for law offices.
Ngage. Since the internet is on 24/7, and your website is on the internet, your office is open 24/7 whether you like it or not. Searches for attorneys happen at all hours of the day and night, and smaller offices have a hard time responding fast enough to a query t ... (full story)

ROSS: Big time AI for lawyers

IBM’s Watson is certainly a stable genius. Watson uses cognitive computing, sometimes called “artificial intelligence (AI)” or “machine learning” to rapidly compute and learn in the way humans do such things. Watson has been used for everything from chess playing to suggesting medical decisions to helpi ... (full story)

That you? Fake lawyer websites a new threat

Because new technology is always helpful and never a threat—oh, wait.
Now that a plethora, if not an outright majority, of clients obtain legal counsel after first accessing a lawyer through a website or other internet-enabled connections, greater opportunities for internet-enabled thieves are arising.
So here’s a ... (full story)

Legal survey company creating a huge database of info on law firms

Ah, big data. Its not really invading your privacy. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving along. Kevin Bacon.
A few times a year, I publish culled information about the state of the law biz, particularly as it applies to legal tech, from various published surveys. Many of those surveys are compiled by the firm ALM Media (https:// ... (full story)