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Staying relevant in Google search: the search results have changed

A few months ago, Google’s search engine front page underwent an underpublicized, but very important, change that affects how all businesses come up during a search.
These changes have a particularly powerful effect on what potential clients see when they are searching for a law firm, especially if that firm is paying for h ... (full story)

Responsive ESI production not necessarily relevant

Picture a request for ESI production that includes search parameters. What if the recipient of the discovery request ran the search and came up with more documents that needed in the case? Then what?
That was the case in the great state of Texas recently, in Bancpass, Inc. v. Highway Toll Admin. LLC, No. A-14-CV-1062-SS, 2016 U.S ... (full story)

Office technology up to date? Take this inventory.

The Oklahoma Bar Association recently published a sort of cyber agenda for law firm retreats. I’m adapting it to give an inventory of what a law office should have as its stock legal technology, at this point in history. You know, today. Three-quarters of the way through 2016.
If your office doesn’t have these technol ... (full story)

Federal government moves forward on cybersecurity and data breach issues

Under new recently guidelines promulgated by the White House, the federal government is streamlining how data breaches are handled, and seeking far more money to help fight this growing problem.
The guidelines and funding are a part of the president’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), which came out of the bipartis ... (full story)

Lawyers can now be trained and certified in legal tech

I’m going to tell attorneys how to get trained and certified in basic, and some advanced, legal technology—even though that may eventually render this column moot.
No, it won’t. Too much weirdness in the field to write about. I’ll never run out of material.
But anyway, enter the Legal Technology Core Co ... (full story)