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MS brings AI and other upgrades to Office

If your office uses Word and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, the software giant has recently made a few upgrades that attorneys should find useful.
First off, if you subscribe to Office 365 (I do), or have recently upgraded, you should have noticed a change in the editing functions, particularly in Word. Editor, the compa ... (full story)

Developing ‘big’ tech will change the law business. Get onboard!

Good morning. Cavs won last night. Yay.
I’m now going to create two new terms for legal technology: “Big” and “little” legal tech.
“Little” tech, as I’m defining it, consists of applications. “Big” tech consists of the things that underlie and/or power those applicat ... (full story)

Porn copyright troll attorney pleads guilty, faces 10 years

The co-founder of one of the country’s most notorious patent troll law firms in the country has pleaded guilty to conning upwards of $6 million from people who downloaded pornography that, in some cases, the firm actually filmed.
The firm, Prenda Law, was headquartered in Chicago. Co-founder John Steele has pleaded guilty t ... (full story)

BlackBerry attempts its (presumably) last comeback

BlackBerry invented the idea of the smartphone. Mobile access to email was so addictive that the phone’s nickname became “crackberry,” and everyone seemed to have one.
Then a funny thing happened (not so funny to the Canadian company). First the iPhone, then the Android phone, took over the market. BlackBerry ta ... (full story)

Fighting ransomware (update) with RansomFree

So, let’s review ransomware, the hot computer virus trend of last year, and how to fight it.
Ransomware is a type of virus that infects a computer by encrypting files, and then demanding money or other things of value. Once the ransom is paid, presumably, the kidnapper sends the key, or password, to the encryption and the c ... (full story)