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New tech drives legal fees downward

Numerous legal tech writers have noted the clear parallel developments of new technologies and alternative fee arrangements.
Very few of those analyses have been as well thought out as the very lengthy one recently posted on the website of the Oklahoma Bar Association by Mark A. Robertson, who said that, “for the lawyer wh ... (full story)

Rule 34: You better know it by now

There was a time in the far, far distant past of seven or eight years ago when discussions of the impact of computer forensics and electronically stored data (ESI) on the legal field were to be found only in obscure technical writings like, oh, this column. A time when a federal judge walked up to me at a party once and said that, a ... (full story)

Technology and traveling

The ABA has put out a brief overview of how lawyers can take advantage of some newer technology to make their air travel easier. Here is a short précis.
Get Tripit (www.tripit.com), which acts as a personal assistant to organize travel information. Emailing flight information to Tripit automatically creates a travel calend ... (full story)

A year in tech trends, part 2

Legal case management software company Aderant has released its annual survey of trends in law technology. Here are some highlights. Maybe you can see where your firm fits in.
The survey found a shift in the reasons that firms adopt new technologies, or upgrade current services. Choices firms face are generally between optimizin ... (full story)

A year in tech trends, part 1

This year brought “more of the same, with indicators of great change to come” in the legal tech realm, according to Aderant’s 2014 SmallLaw Survey.
Aderant, makers of legal case management software, started conducting annual tech surveys in 2009. Their 2014 survey report features feedback on a series of questio ... (full story)