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Clients going mobile

“I’m goin’ mobile…. Keep me moving….” The Who.
According to recent data, nearly one-third of all people—31 percent––who are searching for a lawyer are going to do so from their mobile devices.
That means that, if your e-biz model, or your business model altogether, isn&r ... (full story)

A couple of little things

Neither of the following items would fill an entire column, but you need to know them both.
One. You can pin a website to the home page of your smartphone or tablet just like an app icon, with a little effort. But then a website (like you firm’s) will always be one tap away. Here’s how.
Android: Launch the Chrome ... (full story)

E-discovery, privacy, proportionality, federal court, and on….

A Nebraska federal court has admonished a federal prosecutor for overreaching in an e-discovery case, bringing up issues of privacy and proportionality that look worth discussing.
The case is United States v. Univ. of Neb. at Kearney, a Fair Housing Act lawsuit.
The crux of the matter was the prosecution’s e-discovery r ... (full story)

Cloud storage and transfer services updates

Cloud storage has come a long way in the last couple of years—from nonexistent in 2009, to dominant in 2014. With many (not all) security concerns being dealt with, it seems likely that many law offices, and certainly many businesses, are taking advantage of these services.
Here are some of the latest things happening in t ... (full story)

An unusual way to transfer large data files, maybe?

Large data file transfer. The very term conjures up difficult assignments, especially for firms that have limited resources.
Transferring 10,000-page PDFs or video depositions can cause lots of problems. First, as always, is security. Transfer through the cloud, like through Dropbox, and you run into that problem, as well as da ... (full story)