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Bipartisan hack reporting bill introduced in Congress

Three Senators have are circulating a draft bill designed to report to the Department of Homeland Security in the event of a computer hacking incident in certain key industries, following the recent string of well-publicized hacks that shut down gas pipelines, meat processing plants, schools and hospitals, as well as the Solar Winds ... (full story)

Refining your firm Facebook presence

Well, I haven’t written about law firm Facebook pages for a while.
So why not now?
Yes, Facebook is a mess. But it has almost 3 billion active users and there are uncountable millions who spend hours a day on the platform.
So if you are going to have a firm Facebook presence—and you should—here are a ... (full story)

Multistate bar exam to go in-person after the July test

For you law students and bar examiners: the National Conference of Bar Examiners announced on June 2 that the July multi-state bar exam will be the last remotely administered such test. At least, I guess, until the next pandemic or until the latest CDC guidelines fail. Or some other collapse of civilization.
Or until plans chang ... (full story)

Getting those good online reviews

You asked. Here are some tips for generating positive online reviews. Some of these tips may contradict each other. It would be up to the individual lawyer to figure out what fits the firm.
First step is to make sure that clients know that they can post a review and guiding them through the process. While it would probably be in ... (full story)

Unbundled law firms: Limited representation in an online world

One of the many effects of the recent move to online services—forced by the pandemic or otherwise—is the rise of “limited services firms” or unbundled legal services.
Unbundled legal services take the age-old idea of what constitutes client services, cuts it into little pieces, and serves it up as a sort ... (full story)