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Make your computer read to you

Under the “you probably didn’t know this” category—computers can be set up to read documents out loud. It will do this in a computer robo-voice, or can be configured to read in other voices (and languages).
This applies to either Word documents or PDF files. And, no, I didn’t know this either until ... (full story)

Following social media guidelines

Social media can be a dangerous place for attorneys.
In one instance, a lawyer’s client had to forfeit a settlement after one of the client’s children posted details of the confidential agreement to Facebook.
In another, a lawyer advised a client to delete data from Facebook and then lie about it. That lawyer was ... (full story)

Onsite data stored with cloud flexibility

Let’s face it—the “cloud” is not secure. But cloud data storage offers a number of features, including access from anywhere, unlimited storage, etc., that makes offsite data storage very convenient.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have something with the convenience of cloud storage and the securit ... (full story)

What is old is new again: WordPerfect is back

Many, many years ago, there was a debate/war between Microsoft’s Word word processing program and a Canadian word processing program called WordPerfect. In particular, over time, WordPerfect tried to develop itself into a singular solution for the law office.
The war ended a long time ago, it seemed, won by Microsoft, alth ... (full story)

Evernote: The next app to take over the world

Evernote has been around for about 10 years as a go-to information storage app. Very popular, with 100 million users, Evernote has been a desktop/device app for note taking and storing audio and video clips and web pages for future reference.
But over the next few months, Evernote plans to become a multifunctional power app, sta ... (full story)