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Keep up-to-date client contact through texting

As we all know, the chief complaint that lawyers deal with, especially in disciplinary actions, is a lack of client contact. And while nobody really wants to sit up and text every client 24/7, texting can provide a quick and easy way to contact clients while away from the office.
In fact, it’s probably a good idea to work c ... (full story)

Risk assessment for legal AI products

It was inevitable, as Mr. Smith said. Even though the field of legal AI is just beginning, and even though early adapters and their platform suppliers seem to be few and far between, potential end users still need to be able to evaluate the products that are on the market. And now maybe they can, thanks to this product (and thanks t ... (full story)

ScanWorks creates paperless offices

ScanWorks creates paperless offices<BR>

Half a decade ago, the Akron Municipal Court faced the same problems as courts across the state and around the country. They were running out of space to store old files.
In Ohio, criminal records have to be stored for 50 years and storing offsite would be expensive and brought up security issues.
Burgeoning technology seeme ... (full story)

Implement these privacy protections now

Data privacy and data security aren’t exactly the same thing, but they certainly go hand-in-hand in the law office environment.
The folks at Attorney at Work have compiled a useful list of actions you can take right this minute to create some more online/data privacy for yourself and your office.
First, get a browser ext ... (full story)

Law firm data breaches 2018 stats

The 2018 ABA Techreport had some interesting tidbits on law firm data breaches.
One thing to note before we trot these stats out is that this is all self-reported, so maybe, just maybe, take these stats with a grain of salt.
As then-FBI director Robert Mueller said in 2012: There are two kinds of companies—those that h ... (full story)