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City aims to keep popcorn legacy despite job loss

City aims to keep popcorn legacy despite job loss

MARION, Ohio (AP) — From the back seat of the 1965 Mercedes-Benz convertible, Charlie Evers smiled and waved, celebrating all things popcorn as grand marshal of this month's Marion Popcorn Festival parade.
He also wrestled with the irony of a celebration — and city — linked to popcorn when ConAgra had announced ... (full story)

Plan to modernize municipal info databases progresses

One in a series of bills known as the DataOhio Initiative has been favorably reported out of one House committee and shifted to another.
The proposed legislation, House Bill 324, would establish the Local Government Information Exchange Grant Program and would create grants for information technology purposes.
HB 324 is inclu ... (full story)

Non-lawyer advocate gave legal advice to criminal defendants

A Lorain County non-lawyer and his corporation engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by providing legal advice to individuals facing criminal charges, according to an Ohio Supreme Court decision recently.
The court directed King Ayettey Zubaidah and STAND, Inc., to stop practicing law and ordered them to pay a civil penalt ... (full story)

Court rules man can't appeal sentence enhancement after plea agreement

A panel of judges for the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently rejected a man’s challenge of a lower court’s finding that he was a career offender.
Nathaniel Grundy appealed his sentence from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio and argued that he was unfairly subjected to a career offender ... (full story)

With an iPad in hand, law offices can be virtually anywhere these days

Virtual lawyers may sound like something from a science fiction novel but the concept is very real and growing in popularity.
Since the advent of websites like LegalZoom, online legal advice is readily available and easy to understand.
Rocket Lawyer and NoLo are also growing enterprises providing legal help for the layperson ... (full story)