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New report shows Board of Professional Conduct making headway on caseload

According to the newly released Ohio Board of Professional Conduct annual report for 2016, last year was the fourth year in the past five years that the board has disposed of more cases than were filed or reopened.
The board opened or reopened 76 cases and made 83 dispositions, leaving 57 active cases at year's end.
The adjudi ... (full story)

Legislative fix necessary for cocaine prosecutions as a result of court ruling

A legislative fix relative to a holding by the Supreme Court of Ohio last year in State v. Gonzales, Slip Opinion 2016-Ohio-8319, is the motive behind a new measure introduced to the state House of Representatives.
And, perhaps, no legislator is better equipped to devise a legislative patch than former Supreme Court Justice Bob C ... (full story)

Woman in California-to-Ohio meth ring loses appeal for shorter sentence

A federal court of appeals ruled recently that a woman's role in a meth distribution ring was not so minimal as to warrant a reduction in her sentence.
The defendant, Karla Ruiz, appealed from the judgment of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, which denied her a mitigating role reduction under the ... (full story)

Judge: Man can't be tried in forgotten '72 cop-shooting case

Judge: Man can't be tried in forgotten '72 cop-shooting case

COLUMBUS (AP) — An 82-year-old man who was indicted, but never prosecuted, in the nonfatal shooting of an Ohio police officer almost 45 years ago cannot be tried now, a judge ruled last Thursday.
The case against Charles Hays fell through the cracks, and prosecutors acknowledged the state neglected the case. But they said h ... (full story)

Balance tips to women at nation's law schools

Balance tips to women at nation's law schools

The year 2016 marked a notable landmark for women in the ranks of law schools nationwide. For the first time, women who were enrolled in juris doctor programs outnumbered men. Women’s ranks reached 55,766 at accredited law schools, while men’s totaled 55,059. Those numbers put women in a slight majority, at 50.32 percent ... (full story)