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Author Erdrich wins Ohio peace prize

CINCINNATI (AP) — Author Louise Erdrich, whose writings chronicle contemporary Native American life through characters representing its mix of heritages and cultures, was announced Sunday as the winner of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize's distinguished achievement award.
Erdrich was raised in North Dakota by an Ojibwe-Fren ... (full story)

Wedding moved for dad at Ohio Alzheimer's home

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A Michigan woman who had been planning a traditional wedding at her church instead took the ceremony to an Ohio nursing home so her father could walk her down the aisle.
Miriam and Mark Davis, of Canton, Michigan, married Saturday at the Foundation Park Alzheimer's Care Center in Toledo.
A beaming Be ... (full story)

Pennsylvania woman fights Ohio rescue over dog

COLUMBUS (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman's fight to get her dog back from a central Ohio rescue group has turned into a full-fledged legal battle and Internet war.
Veronica Covatch, 53, of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, has been trying to get her 5-year-old sheltie back since April, when she said the dog escaped from her friend's ... (full story)

Appeals court rejects veteran's double jeopardy claim

A panel of three judges in the 8th District Court of Appeals recently agreed that a trial court may impose separate sanctions for a charge of escape and for violating the conditions of postrelease control.
Kevin Dunne appealed from the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas’ decision, arguing that dual sentencing for a sing ... (full story)

Boehner's fundraising skills evident during summer

LINCOLN, N.D. (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner's fundraising skills put him in a class with few others. He has scooped up more than $43 million for accounts under his direct control and helped amass tens of millions more for Republican allies.
The Ohio lawmaker accounts for about one-fifth of the cash collected by House R ... (full story)