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Property appraisal trumps remote sale price when setting tax values

When a property has been sold more than 24 months before the lien date in a reappraisal year, and the reappraisal does not use that sale price as the property value, the sale should not be presumed “recent” when determining the property’s value for that year, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled last Wednesday.
In ... (full story)

Court rules warrantless GPS info not admissible in home invasion case

Information gathered from a GPS unit placed on a suspect’s car without a warrant cannot be used at trial, according to a recent ruling from the 10th District Court of Appeals.
The three-judge appellate panel affirmed a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas ruling that information received from a GPS unit placed on Montie S ... (full story)

Plan would allow schools to transition to community learning centers

One of the joint sponsors of House Bill 460 has said the proposed legislation would develop a way for schools to be a focal point in local communities and reach out to individuals in need.
The bill would permit school districts and community schools to transition school buildings that meet certain lower performance criteria into ... (full story)

Bill would permit motorists to flash headlights at other drivers

A bill that was recently filed into the Ohio General Assembly would create an exception to the state’s general prohibition against flashing lights on a motor vehicle by authorizing the flashing on and off of headlights, or the alternate flashing of the lower beams and the upper beams of headlights, to convey information to ot ... (full story)

Court of appeals affirms prison sentence for woman who didn't return car after test drive

The 12th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed a woman’s nine-month prison sentence after she failed to return a car she took for a test drive.
Keionnaa Hughes’ case stemmed from allegations that she and an accomplice gave a car dealership a false identification and a stolen driver’s license in order to o ... (full story)