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Judge delays law mandating burial of fetal tissue for now

COLUMBUS (AP) — A judge temporarily blocked enforcement of an Ohio law that would require fetal remains from surgical abortions to be cremated or buried, agreeing that a lack of rules makes complying unworkable for clinics.
Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Alison Hatheway's decision came a day before the law was set to t ... (full story)

Retirement plans have changed for one-fifth of Americans

A new Harris Poll recently found that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many adults unsettled about their plans to retire.
The survey, commissioned by Nationwide’s Retirement Institute, found that COVID-19 has forced one in five Americans, or 19 percent, to delay retirement or cancel retiring altogether, according to the 2021 ... (full story)

The final insult: Some dying of COVID while awaiting vaccine

<span style=The final insult: Some dying of COVID while awaiting vaccine" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

After months of hoping to receive a COVID-19 immunization and then weeks of fighting the illness after one never came, Air Force veteran Diane Drewes was down to her last few breaths at a hospice center in Ohio when the phone rang. It was a health care worker, calling to schedule her first appointment for a coronavirus shot.
Dre ... (full story)

Confederate symbols prove difficult to remove in many states

<span style=Confederate symbols prove difficult to remove in many states" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Just past the gate at an entrance to the Texas Capitol, a large monument honoring the soldiers of the Confederacy looms, with towering statues and an inscription that reads, "Died for state rights guaranteed under the Constitution."
It is one of seven Confederate memorials on the Texas Capit ... (full story)

Ohio AG to probe allegations against Columbus Zoo ex-execs

<span style=Ohio AG to probe allegations against Columbus Zoo ex-execs" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

COLUMBUS (AP) — Ohio's top law enforcer placed one of the nation's largest zoos under investigation recently after a newspaper reported misuse of assets by two top executives who later resigned.
Republican Attorney General Dave Yost placed his office's Charitable Law Section in charge of the probe targeting the Columbus Zo ... (full story)