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EXPLAINER: $26B opioid settlement big step, but not the end

<span style=EXPLAINER: $26B opioid settlement big step, but not the end" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

COLUMBUS (AP) — A $26 billion settlement between the three biggest U.S. drug distribution companies and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson and thousands of states and municipalities that sued over the toll of the opioid crisis is certainly significant — but it is far from tying a neat bow on the tangle of still unresolved l ... (full story)

After horrific fair ride accident, Ohio beefs up inspections

<span style=After horrific fair ride accident, Ohio beefs up inspections" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

Four years after a carnival ride's corroded steel arm snapped and flung a high school student to his death at the Ohio State Fair, the state is tightening its oversight of amusement rides.
Inspectors are conducting more mandatory checks for rust and metal fatigue and increasingly flagging rides for repairs during the first year ... (full story)

Deadline extensions implemented during coronavirus crisis apply to tax appeals

A state “tolling” law enacted during the coronavirus crisis postponed the running of time limitations for filing legal documents, and that law applies to appeals submitted to the Board of Tax Appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled.
In a unanimous per curiam opinion, the Supreme Court reversed the BTA’s ... (full story)

NFL Films' creative force Steve Sabol enters Hall of Fame

<span style=NFL Films' creative force Steve Sabol enters Hall of Fame" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

This year's "Hard Knocks" series with the Dallas Cowboys will mark the first time one of its teams is in the Hall of Fame game. It is fitting because the creator of the series was enshrined into the hall earlier this year.
"Hard Knocks," which started 20 years ago, is one of Steve Sabol's many legacies at NFL ... (full story)

Death sentence vacated over advisement of defendant rights

Because the trial judge failed to verbally advise George C. Brinkman at the time he pleaded guilty that he was waiving his rights to confront witnesses against him and to have his guilt proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the Ohio Supreme Court today vacated his convictions and death sentences.
A unanimous Supreme Court ruled that ... (full story)