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Students prepare for investment banking careers with OSU's Fisher Futures

Investment banking is by nature a competitive field, so it may come as no surprise that those in the industry start experiencing the thrill of competition long before they step foot on Wall Street.
At Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, students vie for a place in the Fisher Futures investment banking progr ... (full story)

Hotels sprouting along I-75 in southwestern Ohio

have helped spur a boom in hotel building along Interstate 75 in southwestern Ohio.
More than 700 new rooms will be added to market over the next 12-18 months, The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reported.
In some cases, plans delayed by the recession are now moving along with construction of a new Bass Pro Shops and a Cabel ... (full story)

Taxes and the Internet

Dear Mr. Berko: I have a carefully selected growth portfolio, about 16 percent of which is invested in Internet-related and broadband issues. Please tell me what effect this new tax on Internet and broadband usage will have on their values. I'm especially concerned about my shares of Google and Yahoo. -- KH, Oklahoma City
Dear K ... (full story)

Bitcoin use gaining some traction around Central Ohio

When the world’s first decentralized currency was born in 2009, it was hailed by supporters as the Superman of the finance world.
Bitcoin was here to save us from regulation, wild market fluctuation and surveillance.
Supporters are still pretty excited about the currency as it works to change the face of personal financ ... (full story)


Adoption center applauds revisions, pushes for additional changes to bill

While officials from the National Center for Adoption Law and Policy at Capital University Law School have thanked lawmakers for amending Senate Bill 250, the group is continuing to push for additional changes to the adoption-focused bill.
“This bill is of special interest to us, as NCALP works every day to improve the law ... (full story)

Consecutive sentences for robber upheld

A panel of judges in the 6th District Court of Appeals recently ruled that the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas properly ordered a defendant’s sentence to run consecutive to a separate sanction imposed in another county.
Wesley Jude appealed the decision of the lower court, arguing that it failed to make the findings req ... (full story)

Ohio church uses 'comfort dog' to calm flock

COLUMBUS (AP) — At the end of last Sunday's service at Atonement Lutheran Church, parishioners headed to the exit with their newest member ready to greet them.
Rosie, a 14-month-old golden retriever, sat quietly beside her handler as children rushed to pet her and adults welcomed her with kind words and scratches behind he ... (full story)

Some Ohio home-health aides see delay in paychecks

COLUMBUS (AP) — Some independent home-health aides have experienced a delay in getting paid under an Ohio plan to coordinate care for the state's sickest and most expensive residents, though the state says certain providers have had issues or made mistakes in submitting claims.
The workers perform health care services for ... (full story)

No conflict exists for attorneys to confess judgment in cognovit note

COLUMBUS––Ohio attorneys who acknowledge a client’s debt do not run afoul of conflict-of-interest rules, according to an Ohio Supreme Court Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline advisory opinion.
Opinion 2014-3 addresses Prof.Cond.R. 1.7(c), which governs conflicts of interest. Opinion 2014-3 al ... (full story)

Ohio lawmakers push for federal funding of new Detroit-Windsor bridge

A pair of state lawmakers are campaigning for the federal government to fund the construction of the United States Customs Plaza for the New International Trade Crossing between the U.S. and Canada.
“It is widely acknowledged that that the current Ambassador Bridge is undersized and in poor condition, contributing to borde ... (full story)