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Wright glider preceded historic 1903 flight

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (AP) — Historian Darrell Collins stood next to the aging replica of the Wright glider, put his hand on a strut and recounted how the mastery of manned flight actually happened a year before the famous 1903 take-off.
"You cannot tell the story of the Wright brothers without telling the story of gl ... (full story)

Local hotels had record year in 2015

The hotel business in Columbus had a record breaking year in 2015 and that success is expected to continue through 2016, according to Experience Columbus officials.
All three of the major indicators for the industry reached record high numbers by the end of the year in central Ohio, according to the Smith Travel Research.
Duri ... (full story)

Scared of Market Fluctuations

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm 54, a self-employed engineer, married and have over $897,000 in my retirement plan that was worth $1,050,000 at the end of 2015. I'm scared of this market and my wife thinks I should sell and buy U.S. Treasury bonds. Our broker of 12 years keeps telling us: "You have to do what you have to do" and is no ... (full story)

Nonprofit teaches construction trades to at-risk youths

Nonprofit teaches construction trades to at-risk youths

COLUMBUS (AP) — In his No. 1 dream, Quinton Mayle makes it big with his music. "I want to be at the Grand Ole Opry," the Franklinton teen said, grinning shyly.
But Quinton knows how stingy life can be about guarantees. He has a backup plan, too, and it feels sound.
"I'm 17 years old and I'm already working ... (full story)


Man who assaulted victims in store parking lot loses appeal

The appeal of a man who instigated a confrontation in the parking lot of an Akron Family Dollar Store was recently overruled by a panel of three judges in the 9th District Court of Appeals.
The defendant, Edward Osborne, appealed from the judgment of the Summit County Court of Common Pleas with a single assignment of error that c ... (full story)

NAACP chapter president recognized on juvi court banner

NAACP chapter president recognized on juvi court banner<BR><BR>

AKRON––“We work beyond our jobs. We work to do what we have to do to make this a better community. So I share this with my friends, my extended family. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you.”
With her typical style and humility, Ophelia Averitt acknowledged her inclusion on a banner observing Black Histo ... (full story)

Two 11th district judges running for Ohio Supreme Court

For the first time ever, two sitting 11th District Court of Appeals judges are running for the Ohio Supreme Court at the same time.
“Our opponents are from the same court also. It’s the 11th District vs. the 1st District,” quipped 11th District Judge Cynthia Westcott Rice.
Warren-based Eleventh District Judge ... (full story)


Controversy grows around historic tree in gated community

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (AP) — A northeast Ohio man who has proudly brought guests to see what's considered the world's oldest cucumber magnolia tree has become the target of criticism from residents who don't want him bringing people inside their gated community.
The 435-year-old tree sits on common ground within the Auburn Kno ... (full story)

Man convicted of murder nearly four decades ago loses another appeal

The appeal of a man serving two 20-years-to-life sentences was recently overruled by the 7th District Court of Appeals.
A panel of three judges reviewed the case of James Fussell and concluded that the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas properly denied his petition for postconviction relief.
On appeal, Fussell claimed he was ... (full story)

Proposed legislation designed to boost women's leadership role in business

The joint sponsors of a House bill recently encouraged some of their Senate counterparts to sign on to an effort to amplify women’s leadership role in business.
Assistant Majority Whip Dorothy Pelanda, R-Marysville, and fellow Republican from Hilliard, Rep. Stephanie Kunze, pitched the idea of designating the second week of ... (full story)