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Liz Weston: Gift cards aren't gifts

If it's the thought that counts, then gift cards don't count much at all.
They're popular, granted. Six out of 10 people responding to National Retail Federation surveys this year said they wanted to receive gift cards for the holidays, and more than half said they planned to give them.
The rest of us may think of gift cards a ... (full story)

Can't buy love? Drug price hikes put sex beyond reach

Can't buy love? Drug price hikes put sex beyond reach

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Imagine not being able to afford one of life's great pleasures — sex.
That's true for many older couples, doctors say. Soaring prices for prescription medicines for impotence and other problems have put the remedies out of reach for some.
Without insurance coverage, Viagra and Cialis cost about ... (full story)

Oil Tax and Roth IRAs

Dear Mr. Berko: Please answer the following two questions for me. A co-worker believes that Congress wants to add a $10 tax on each barrel of oil used in the U.S. to pay for infrastructure improvement. How much would that add to the price at the pump? In the same discussion, he said Congress will be changing the Roth IRA rules. Why ... (full story)


Case involving fraudulent $1.7 million business loan going back to court

A federal court of appeals recently held that a district court did not engage in the proper analysis when ordering restitution to be paid from a spouse's assets.
A three-judge appellate panel in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio to hold an evidentiary ... (full story)

OSU study: Written prisoner interactions predict whether they can clean up their act following rehab

Ohio State University researchers have found a link between the way prisoners communicate while enrolled in substance-abuse programs and recidivism, according to a study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.
Researchers surmised that the relationships between prisoners enrolled drug and alcohol rehab programs are ... (full story)

As cops get body cameras, Columbus looks to fill 7 positions

COLUMBUS (AP) — Ohio's capital city is looking to make seven new hires as its police officers are outfitted with body cameras and officials expect an influx of public records requests and evidence for prosecutors.
The hires in Mayor Andrew Ginther's proposed budget for 2017 stem from Columbus' plan to equip more than 1,400 ... (full story)

Cleveland student collects prom dresses for 18th birthday

CLEVELAND (AP) — Ashley Wilson had her eye on dresses for a birthday gift and not just one dress. Not even just one closet full of dresses. For her 18th birthday on Dec. 17, Ashley asked for dozens of dresses.
Before you conjure up Veruca Salt in full brat mode, before you think of Ashley as selfish or materialistic, know t ... (full story)

Federal officials say natural gas line poses minimal risk

DETROIT (AP) — A proposed natural gas pipeline from Ohio into southeast Michigan would have little environmental impact, according to federal government officials.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released an environmental assessment last week that said the Nexus project would create "some adverse environmental ... (full story)

Bank can’t foreclose on man who didn’t sign mortgage

A Mahoning County trial court erred by granting summary judgment to Bank of America in a foreclosure case in which the defendant failed to sign the promissory note and mortgage.
In a 2-1 opinion, the 7th District Court of Appeals recently ruled against Bank of America’s claim it was a “mutual mistake” that Willi ... (full story)