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USDA money available for organic farmers in Ohio

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service announced that more than $369,000 is available through the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program to make organic certification more affordable for organic producers and handlers in Ohio.
Approximately $11.6 million is available to organic operat ... (full story)

Trained dogs are leading war against bedbugs

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Willy, an 18-month-old corgi-Chihuahua mix, was on a mission when he entered a South Bend home.
His goal? To find three vials with living bedbugs by sniffing their scent.
The dog was accompanied by a canine handler during the demonstration by Rose Pest Solutions at the residence of a Tribune repor ... (full story)

An elixir for aging?

Dear Mr. Berko: Our neighbor is an engineer. He's a bright, well-read 76-year-old, and he's nobody's fool. He was telling us about a drug called metformin, which he says delays the aches and pains of advancing age and postpones many of the devastating diseases that can come with age, such as heart disease, arthritis and cognitive de ... (full story)


Akron Bar Foundation announces grant and scholarship awards

AKRON––The Akron Bar Association Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2016 community grants and law student scholarships.
As the charitable arm of the Akron Bar Association, the Foundation strives to improve the quality of justice and improve the image of lawyers through the support of law-related and publi ... (full story)

Newly appointed common pleas judge discusses his goals

Newly appointed common pleas judge discusses his goals<BR>

Ever since he took the bench on June 15, newly appointed Summit County Court of Common Pleas Judge Scot A. Stevenson said he’s been focused on two things: Learning the ropes and keeping the court’s docket flowing.
The longtime Akron attorney filled the seat vacated by Judge Thomas M. Parker. Judge Parker resigned in l ... (full story)


Lawmakers, advocates push to reveal extent of surveillance

Lawmakers, advocates push to reveal extent of surveillance

WASHINGTON (AP) — Even though the bulk collection of Americans' telephone records has ended, calls and emails are still being swept up by U.S. surveillance work targeting foreigners. Congress is making a renewed push to find out how many.
Six Republicans and eight Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have asked the na ... (full story)

As Senate's power brokers age; several seek new terms

As Senate's power brokers age; several seek new terms

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millennials have emerged as the nation's largest living generation, yet that demographic shift isn't reflected in the upper reaches of the Republican-controlled Senate, where the body's oldest members are the power brokers.
And several are asking voters for new six-year terms.
At 82, Chuck Grassley want ... (full story)


Apple e-book settlement funds available to Ohio, U.S. consumers this week

Ohioans are encouraged to collect their share of the $421 million in settlement funds related to the antitrust case brought against Apple for its part in artificially inflating the price of e-books during the period between 2010 and 2012.
Ohio consumers are expected to receive an estimated $15 million of the total settlement, acc ... (full story)

Whitewater rafter dies from amoebic infection after NC trip

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — An Ohio woman who went whitewater rafting in North Carolina has died of an infection after being exposed to an amoeba naturally present in warm fresh water.
North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control suspects Naegleria fowleri, a one-celled organis ... (full story)

Dump Trump movement preparing fight at GOP convention

Dump Trump movement preparing fight at GOP convention

WASHINGTON (AP) — The movement to dump Donald Trump from the GOP ticket is gaining followers among delegates to next month's Republican National Convention, an effort that could tarnish Trump's coronation even if it ultimately fails.
The growing rebellion has at least one top party official warning of a backlash if Trump is ... (full story)

Park official: No sign that low Buckeye Lake harms rare bog

Park official: No sign that low Buckeye Lake harms rare bog

ON CRANBERRY BOG, Ohio (AP) — The unusual, shrinking bog surrounded by central Ohio's Buckeye Lake doesn't seem to have been harmed by the water being kept low there for over a year while work began to replace a deteriorated dam, staff from the state Department of Natural Resources said this week.
The fragile, roughly 10-ac ... (full story)

Cleveland attorney suspended for tampering with email of ex-employer

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended a Cleveland lawyer from the practice of law for one year with six months stayed after he tampered with the email communications of his former law firm.
The attorney, Brandon Louis Azman, is a Virginia lawyer who was admitted into the practice of law in Ohio in 2011. He has been registered as i ... (full story)