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Beloved former probate court magistrate passes away

“He helped to uphold the superior quality of the battalion, showed great initiative and distinct ability in all his undertakings. Sgt. Bayer applied himself completely to his overwhelming responsibilities, always considering the most minute details.” Those are some of the words that appear in the 1953 U.S. Army Citation ... (full story)

Young man who robbed several Youngstown area stores, restaurant has his appeal rejected

A man found guilty of committing a string of robberies in the Youngstown area lost his appeal when the 7th District Court of Appeals recently ruled that his counsel was effective and the trial court properly explained his rights.
Tyrone Freeman appealed his convictions and sentences entered in the Mahoning County Court of Common ... (full story)

Juvenile Court receives grants to address human trafficking

AKRON––Summit County Juvenile Court has been approved for two grants from the state of Ohio’s RECLAIM Ohio funding program, Juvenile Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio announced last week.
The court will receive $50,000 and $99,445 annually for three years under the Ohio Department of Youth Services Competitive RECLAIM ... (full story)


Mystery kidney disease killing Sri Lankan farmers

Mystery kidney disease killing Sri Lankan farmers

KONKETIYAWA, Sri Lanka (AP) — Karunawathie isn't hungry for breakfast. She rarely is these days, but she forces herself to choke down a few bites of rice, dried fish and a simple coconut mix. The doctors say it's better to have something in her stomach before the four-hour dialysis treatments.
She's going for her second ses ... (full story)

Divorce ban shows Catholic church power in Philippines

Divorce ban shows Catholic church power in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The courts did not grant Chatto Realuyo a divorce when it allowed her to end her marriage, 10 years after her husband moved out. They can't. They best they can do is say the marriage never happened.
The Philippines is the only country in the world — aside from the Vatican — where divor ... (full story)


FBI: Ohio man planned to bomb US Capitol, kill officials

FBI: Ohio man planned to bomb US Capitol, kill officials

CINCINNATI (AP) — A 20-year-old Ohio man's Twitter posts sympathizing with Islamic terrorists led to an undercover FBI operation and the man's arrest on charges that he plotted to blow up the U.S. Capitol and kill government officials.
Christopher Lee Cornell, also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, told an FBI informant they ... (full story)

Court weighs Ohio's taxation of out-of-town athletes

Court weighs Ohio's taxation of out-of-town athletes

COLUMBUS (AP) — An Ohio law that singles out professional athletes and entertainers for taxation even when they're in the state just a few days a year is unconstitutional, say several sport leagues including the NBA, NFL and NHL who want the state Supreme Court to strike the law down.
At issue is an Ohio law that excludes e ... (full story)

Postconviction relief denied for teacher who sent sexual texts to students

The 3rd District Court of Appeals recently affirmed a lower court’s decision denying a petition for postconviction relief from a former high school teacher convicted of having sexual relations with his students.
Jeremy Stober argued that the Putnam County Court of Common Pleas should have granted him a new trial because he ... (full story)

Despite mental illness, man's plea ruled voluntary

The 4th District Court of Appeals recently rejected a man’s claim that his mental infirmities prevented him from entering a valid guilty plea in his murder case.
Steven Leonhart presented numerous assignments of error in his appeal from the Washington County Court of Common Pleas. That court convicted Leonhart of aggravated ... (full story)


New tech drives legal fees downward

Numerous legal tech writers have noted the clear parallel developments of new technologies and alternative fee arrangements.
Very few of those analyses have been as well thought out as the very lengthy one recently posted on the website of the Oklahoma Bar Association by Mark A. Robertson, who said that, “for the lawyer wh ... (full story)