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Are times changing?

Dear Mr. Berko: Some newsletters are becoming alarmingly negative on the economy and the stock market. What is your opinion here? -- TC, Wilmington, N.C.
Dear TC: I'm concerned but carefully positive until June 2017. The economies of the European Union, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America have lost their zip-a-dee-doo-dah. Wo ... (full story)

Older workers seeking options for reducing hours on the job

Older workers seeking options for reducing hours on the job

Roberton Williams' plan was to retire on his government pension and take a part-time job to make up the difference in salary. It didn't quite work out that way.
Williams, 68, did retire but then started another full-time job with the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank.
"The plan was to work full time just until I ... (full story)

OSU researchers create stronger welding technique

A new welding technique created by engineers at The Ohio State University could have major impact on the auto industry.
The new technique consumes 80 percent less energy than common welding techniques, but the bonds created are 50 percent stronger, according to school researchers.
Despite advances in the design of materials, m ... (full story)


Hidden grove showcases largest trees in Columbia Gorge

Hidden grove showcases largest trees in Columbia Gorge

WILLARD, Wash. (AP) — To find the largest waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, all that's required is a drive out Interstate 84 to the many viewpoints and trailheads east of Portland.
To find the largest trees in the Gorge, however, you're in for a lot more work.
In an area with a long history of logging, precious few ... (full story)

Critics: Changing Guantanamo prison's ZIP code isn't a fix

Critics: Changing Guantanamo prison's ZIP code isn't a fix

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's quest to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, perhaps by moving some detainees to the United States, has fostered an unusual alliance between his congressional critics and liberal-leaning advocacy groups that say changing the detention facility's ZIP code won't solve the problem. ... (full story)

Doctor taking opioid overdose problem into his own hands

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — Dr. John Aldis had no way of knowing when he graduated from medical school 44 years ago that something else from that same time - the federal Food and Drug Administration's approval of the naloxone, a medication that reverses opiate overdoses - would become an important part of his practice.
Howeve ... (full story)

Clerical error led to Costa Rica's first legal gay marriage

Clerical error led to Costa Rica's first legal gay marriage

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — When Jazmin Elizondo Arias was born in 1991, someone goofed and noted on her birth certificate that she was male.
As the years passed and Elizondo grew up, the mix-up never caused any problems. So she never bothered to try to correct the record officially, something that others in her situation f ... (full story)


Report: Lt. Gov. Taylor's ex-aide claimed salon time as work

COLUMBUS (AP) — The former chief of staff to Ohio's lieutenant governor charged the state about $5,000 for time she spent driving to and from work and hair and nail appointments, the state inspector general said in a report last Tuesday.
Laura Johnson stepped down from her job as Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor's top aide in June 2014 ... (full story)

Teens healthier, happier after completing new health program

High school students with elevated levels of depression were less depressed and lost weight after participating in a new health program focusing on emotional behavior, according to researchers at The Ohio State University.
A year after completing the COPE (Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment) Healthy Lifestyles TEEN ( ... (full story)

Proposed fracking in Ohio national forest gets hearings

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) — Both opponents and supporters of opening Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio to oil and gas drilling have been out in force at public hearings recently.
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has proposed allowing drilling beneath about 31,900 acres of the forest through hydraulic fracturing, or frack ... (full story)