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An energy ETF

Dear Mr. Berko: I was looking at the Yorkville High Income MLP ETF, which is an energy-related issue that has fallen almost 50 percent in value from its high price but yields a very good 14.2 percent. Though the value of this exchange-traded fund is down a lot, its dividend has fallen only a little bit. This makes the stock look att ... (full story)

Marijuana opponents using racketeering law to fight industry

Marijuana opponents using racketeering law to fight industry

DENVER (AP) — A federal law crafted to fight the mob is giving marijuana opponents a new strategy in their battle to stop the expanding industry: racketeering lawsuits.
A Colorado pot shop recently closed after a Washington-based group opposed to legal marijuana sued not just the pot shop but a laundry list of firms doing b ... (full story)


Bringing different generations together proves fruitful for all

Putting a pre-school inside a nursing home may seem an unlikely blend of age groups, but the joining of youngest and oldest is delivering some very positive results.
The Intergenerational Learning Center, located at Providence Mount St. Vincent, a Washington state senior care center, has so impressed onlookers that one filmmaker, ... (full story)