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New UA American Legion post setting trends

The University of Akron wants to do away with the stereotypical image of the American Legion -- the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ service organization.
“You always think of American Legion posts as a bunch of old guys hovered at a bar on a Friday night,” said Stephen Motika, a retired Army officer an ... (full story)

Advocates for net neutrality win...for now

The latest move in the ongoing joust over net neutrality, while momentous, will not end the debate. Last month the Federal Communications Commission, on a party-line 3-2 vote, reclassified broadband service as a telecommunications service and imposed net neutrality rules on them. Under the new rules, broadband services would not be ... (full story)


Antarctica tourists: Be prepared for the wild and unexpected

Antarctica tourists: Be prepared for the wild and unexpected

KING GEORGE ISLAND, Antarctica (AP) — They trekked snow-covered mountains, gasped at seals flopping along the coastline and oohed at penguins waddling along on the ice, and even took in the spectacle of a humpback whale flapping its tail amid a sea of melting icebergs.
But then, the dozens of tourists stranded on a cruise s ... (full story)

Oklahoma is latest to address race problems at fraternities

Oklahoma is latest to address race problems at fraternities

WASHINGTON (AP) — Their reputations sullied by race-tainted incidents, many colleges are clamping down on campus fraternities. Despite some swift and tough actions by schools — and in some cases, public humiliation — episodes such as the racist chants by members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University ... (full story)


Armed Craigslist robber loses appeal

The 10th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed multiple robbery convictions for a man who used a Craigslist advertisement to rob two men at gunpoint.
The three-judge appellate panel rejected Christopher Thompson’s claim that the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas convicted him of offenses that were not supported by ... (full story)

Man entitled to new sentence being reprimanded for pursuing jury trial

A three-judge appellate panel recently remanded a theft case for new sentencing after finding that the Warren County Court of Common Pleas hinted it was imposing a harsher sentence because the defendant exercised his right to a jury trial.
The 12th District Court of Appeals affirmed Justin Noble’s convictions for theft and ... (full story)

Wildlife researcher: Ohio bald eagle population is thriving

Wildlife researcher: Ohio bald eagle population is thriving

LORAIN, Ohio (AP) — Ohio's bald eagle population appears to be thriving, according to a state wildlife researcher.
Flight surveys showed a slight increase in the number of nests last year, from an estimated 187 in 2013 to around 200 last year, the (Lorain) Morning Journal reports. The number of eaglets hatched jumped from ... (full story)

Prosecutor: Ex-lawmaker bilked investors, repeatedly lied

Prosecutor: Ex-lawmaker bilked investors, repeatedly lied

CINCINNATI (AP) — A prosecutor says a former Ohio lawmaker defrauded investors in a technology company out of millions of dollars, while the lawmaker's attorney says the state is trying to make his client a scapegoat for others who mismanaged the business and embarrassed investors.
The claims were made Monday as the trial o ... (full story)


Free encrypted chat apps

Just because you’re paranoid, they say, doesn’t mean that somebody isn’t following you.
And, as we now know, the Internets are completely insecure at every level—even down to the root of laptops.
I haven’t really done chat since AOL acquired ICU (a long time ago), but lots of folks do, or they Sk ... (full story)