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Former JAG officer becomes Summit Co. Common Pleas judge

Jason T. Wells had been retired from the Army National Guard for two years when he got an unexpected call.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich wanted to know if he’d be interested in replacing former Summit County Common Pleas Judge Lynne S. Callahan, who was elected to the 9th District Court of Appeals in November.
Wells, a 49-year-o ... (full story)


With 2 in 3 months, Ohio executions could be back on track

With 2 in 3 months, Ohio executions could be back on track

COLUMBUS (AP) — Court rulings favorable to the state and the outcome of two executions in three months indicate Ohio could be on track to resume putting inmates to death regularly.
The state executed child killer Ronald Phillips in July and double killer Gary Otte on Sept. 13 in the state death chamber at the Southern Ohio ... (full story)

Episcopalians struggle with history of Confederate symbols

Episcopalians struggle with history of Confederate symbols

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Recent eruptions of violence over Confederate symbols like the rebel flag have prompted impassioned national debates — and not just in the public arena. Churches, too, are wrestling with the question of what to do with emblems dotting their parishes that memorialize the former slaveholding states an ... (full story)

Frequent lottery winners face improbable odds

CLEVELAND (AP) — Rickey Meng is the king of Ohio Lottery winners, taking home more prizes than anyone in the state.
Meng, of Cleveland, won 342 tickets and pocketed $956,717, in a span of seven years. He attributed his streak to a feel for numbers.
"I would see a number on a license plate or an address, and it would ... (full story)


Hacker or Hero or Both? The saga of Marcus Hutchins

A funny thing happened as the 2017 DEF CON hacker’s and cybersecurity professional’s conference ended in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. One of the world’s latest cybersecurity (white hat) heroes was arrested by US authorities and accused of actually being a black hat dude.
He denies it, and has a lot of people in cy ... (full story)