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Protections against sexual misconduct on campus may end up stifling free speech

(THE CONVERSATION) The student journalists we and other university faculty work with tackle difficult issues in our classrooms and for student publications. They write about faculty unionization, racial tensions on campus and university development that encroaches on surrounding communities.
These young reporters, talented and ... (full story)

Akron community pays tribute to beloved attorney Brian Pierce

A fervent champion of due process and staunch opponent of the death penalty, criminal defense attorney Brian Pierce believed whole-heartedly in the presumption of innocence, giving his all for each and every client who sought his assistance, said his longtime law partner and friend Don Malarcik.
“Brian was the premier tria ... (full story)


Bill offered as solution to unclaimed vehicles overpopulating impound lots

A Harrison County lawmaker has worked with representatives from state and local law enforcement agencies and the towing industry to devise a system to clear out unwanted cars from tow lots and storage facilities.
Rep. Don Jones, a Freeport Republican, introduced recently a bill in the Ohio House of Representatives that would red ... (full story)

Virtual driving assessment added to driving test requirements

The next crop of Ohio student drivers is expected to have a valuable, extra tool at its disposal - a virtual driver assessment program intended to make them better drivers right out of the gate.
The new Ohio - Ready, Test, Drive! program calls for installation of 400 customized virtual driving assessment systems at the state's 5 ... (full story)

Holiday spending with credit cards

Using credit cards for holiday spending is neither good nor bad. Buying with credit cards can enable you to take advantage of sales and manage your cash. The danger is that it is very easy to overextend yourself and get into more debt than you can afford to repay. Learning how credit card repayment works will help you avoid paying ... (full story)


Lawyers still can’t figure out online marketing

One of the great things that comes out of reading end-of-the-year legal tech surveys is a true overview of how slow the legal market continues to be in adopting technology. Not new technology, mind you. Any technology.
Take the case of online marketing. The 2019 ABA tech survey has some rather startling revelations regarding the ... (full story)