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RVShare teams up with group to provide RVs for physically-challenged

The ability to take an excursion to one of America’s many campgrounds in an RV is something many people take for granted. But for the physically challenged, there are serious obstacles to embarking upon such a trip starting with the fact that there are few RVs for rent that can meet the needs of this group.
But now a unique ... (full story)

Take a bite out of Apple

Dear Mr. Berko: I recall a column of yours from a couple of years ago that was negative on Apple because Steve Jobs died. Apple has gone up a lot since that column, so I wonder whether it has gone up too much to buy for a three- to five-year investment. Also, what is your opinion of Apple Watch, which wasn't on display at the recent ... (full story)

Good Samaritan Law for engineers, architects, passes Ohio House

Several state lawmakers have applauded the Ohio House for unanimously passing the Good Samaritan Law for Engineers, Surveyors and Architects.
The proposed legislation, House Bill 17, would extend civil immunity to engineers, architects and surveyors volunteering during a declared emergency under the purview of a body authorized t ... (full story)


Man whose girlfriend was killed while he was driving drunk loses appeal

The judgment of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas was upheld in part recently by a panel of three judges in the 9th District Court of Appeals.
The reviewing panel of judges held that the lower court properly convicted the defendant, Wilfredo Osorio, on charges of vehicular homicide and operating a vehicle under the influen ... (full story)


Proposed bill would allow for longer sentences in certain murder convictions

A bill that would adjust sentencing requirements for aggravated murder convictions has been introduced into the Ohio General Assembly.
House Bill 57, sponsored by Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, would generally increase the current aggravated murder penalties of life imprisonment with parole eligibility after serving certain numbers of ... (full story)

Assailant who refused to shake hands loses appeal

In the 8th District Court of Appeals, a panel of three judges recently reviewed the case of Terry Edgerson, a man convicted of two counts of aggravated assault in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.
The reviewing panel affirmed the judgment of the lower court in part but remanded the case so the Cuyahoga County court can m ... (full story)

NetJets wins appeal in trademark infringement case

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed summary judgment granted against NetJets Inc. in its trademark infringement case against IntelliJet Group LLC.
The three-judge appellate panel remanded the case to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and ordered the lower court to make further findings ... (full story)

Compromise close on Lake Erie algae legislation

Compromise close on Lake Erie algae legislation

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Ohio lawmakers are close to agreeing on a plan aimed at reducing farm runoff that feeds the toxic algae in Lake Erie, but it's still not known how it will impact farmers.
Leaders in the Ohio House and Senate expect to vote this coming week on what would be the first legislation passed to slow the spread ... (full story)

Records show Ohio governor uses clemency power infrequently

Records show Ohio governor uses clemency power infrequently

COLUMBUS (AP) — Gov. John Kasich used his executive clemency power during his first term far less frequently than any other Ohio governor in the past three decades, records show.
Kasich, a Republican, granted 66 of 1,521 requests, or about 4.4 percent of the non-death-penalty cases he received and acted upon from 2011 to 20 ... (full story)

More cash-strapped Americans turn to tax refund advances

More cash-strapped Americans turn to tax refund advances

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cash-strapped Americans anxious for tax refunds are increasingly turning to payment advances, prepaid cards or other costly services when getting tax preparation help, according to new federal data raising concerns among regulators about whether consumers are fully informed about the fees.
Regulators are l ... (full story)