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In Riley the court starts to get technology

As many court watchers have noted, the Supreme Court has a technology problem. Whether it is the justices at oral argument trying to understand the “difference” between the Internet and the World Wide Web in an early online obscenity case or the widely-panned Aereo decision from this past term, when the justices try to ... (full story)


Bolivia on verge of legalizing work from age 10

Bolivia on verge of legalizing work from age 10

EL ALTO, Bolivia (AP) — Alicia weaves through El Alto's stalled traffic under a blazing sun, hawking colorful woven flowers to grumpy drivers and lovers.
With luck, the 12-year-old and her mother will together muster $18 by day's end, all the while keeping watch over her younger brother and sister, ages 8 and 6.
"I ... (full story)

As Vietnam's women go abroad, dads tend the home

As Vietnam's women go abroad, dads tend the home

VU HOI, Vietnam (AP) — When his wife moved to Taiwan nine years ago to work as a maid — earning far more than she could in the rice paddies of this northern Vietnamese hamlet — Pham Duc Viet took over the household chores and raised their two children on top of his regular work as a farmer and carpenter.
Now, t ... (full story)

5 money saving tips for exchanging currency

NEW YORK (AP) — Headed overseas for summer vacation? It's easy to get hit with extra fees and expensive exchange rates when switching currencies.
Some currency exchange tables in airports and tourist areas offer bad rates, taking more of your money. And some credit cards and banks can add fees when you buy something with y ... (full story)

Jams increasingly strutting their savory side

Jams increasingly strutting their savory side

When Chicago chef Gregory Ellis makes a pork belly sandwich, he doesn't stop at the belly. In addition to a fried egg and kumquat chow-chow, he adds a mystery ingredient — bacon jam.
"People don't know what to expect," says Ellis, chef at the breakfast, brunch and lunch spot 2 Sparrows. "When they think baco ... (full story)


Ohio couple's lawsuit against police moves forward

CINCINNATI (AP) — An elderly Ohio couple's claims that police illegally broke into their home and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on them have been revived in an appeals court decision Monday that said officers conducted "a violent, traumatic invasion" with "an alarming and unnecessary show of force. ... (full story)

Ohio man accused of enslaving woman gets 30 years

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio man convicted along with his girlfriend of enslaving a mentally disabled woman for two years through intimidation, threats and abuse was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in federal prison.
The man, Jordie Callahan, and his girlfriend were convicted in March of forced labor, conspiracy to defraud the U ... (full story)

Working-class whites lose voting dominance in Ohio

Working-class whites lose voting dominance in Ohio

COLUMBUS (AP) — Working-class whites are no longer a majority of Ohio's eligible voters, a historic shift in a key Midwestern swing state that has political parties pledging more outreach to a broader coalition of demographic groups.
Democrats are working to paint themselves as the party of diversity. Their 2014 statewide ... (full story)

Appeals court says lower court wrong in charging lawyer with contempt

In the 1st District Court of Appeals, a panel of judges recently ruled that the Hamilton County Municipal Court improperly imposed an order of contempt on an attorney.
The case arose from a DUI prosecution in which Steven Adams represented the defendant, Amanda Pate.
At a motion-to-suppress hearing, Adams, Melanie Reising, a ... (full story)

Bill crafted to protect disabled Ohioans from ethnic intimidation

Sen. Eric Kearney, D-Cincinnati, is pushing for Ohio to expand its perimeters for a criminal charge of ethnic intimidation.
Senate Bill 307, which was filed into the legislature in late March, would amend state law to include crimes that are committed by reason of the disability of the victim in the offense of ethnic intimidatio ... (full story)

Murder conviction stands for man involved in Columbus drug shooting

The 10th District Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion affirming a man’s conviction for aggravated murder for his role in a drug-related Columbus shooting death.
The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas found Markee Horton guilty of aggravated murder and tampering with evidence after witnesses described him shootin ... (full story)


Supreme Court dents the lives of patent trolls

Five recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have made the lives of “patent trolls” a little more difficult.
A patent troll (or a “patent assertion entity”) is an entity, usually a law firm or a mega-software company, that litigates in patent court on products that the entity does not manufacture. Patent trol ... (full story)