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Shake shack

Dear Mr. Berko: I was considering opening a Shake Shack unit. So I visited several Shake Shack locations in Philadelphia and NYC and those were good experiences. But at age 66, I decided that operating a unit would be too much for me. So last May, because I was convinced that Shake Shack was going to be another Chipotle Mexican Gril ... (full story)

US Bank CEO on economy, interest rates, vanishing branches

US Bank CEO on economy, interest rates, vanishing branches

NEW YORK (AP) — Richard Davis, the chief executive of regional banking giant U.S. Bank, took his job at a terrible time: late 2006, just months before the housing bubble began to pop, which quickly led to the financial crisis and the Great Recession.
While U.S. Bank weathered the financial crisis better than most large bank ... (full story)

Mobile app brings parents into the classroom

GROVEPORT, Ohio (AP) — Long ago, teachers tended to be unreachable during the day except during a dire emergency.
Fast-forward a few decades through the advent of answering machines and email and the social-media explosion, and you arrive at today's hyper-connected classrooms. Teacher Maura Elliott uses a free mobile app to ... (full story)


Collaborative holds free human trafficking awareness day

The story of human trafficking includes some grim statistics: 1,078 Ohio children become victims each year, 3,016 more are at risk and the average victim is 13 years old. But the face of human trafficking is a survivor named Angel, who spoke at the Collaborative Against Human Trafficking Summit County’s free event on Jan. 23. ... (full story)


Lawmaker's testimony targets gun-free zones in state's concealed carry law

The Lebanon, Ohio lawmaker advocating the elimination of so-called “victim zones” outlined in Ohio’s concealed carry gun law recently provided testimony before members of the Senate’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee.
Rep. Ron Maag maintains in Substitute House Bill 48 that current law unnecessari ... (full story)

Ohio woman hurt by dropped rock pushed for overpass fences

Ohio woman hurt by dropped rock pushed for overpass fences

COLUMBUS (AP) — The family of an Ohio schoolteacher critically injured when a rock was dropped on their car from an overpass has helped push through new state rules to limit the chances such a tragedy could happen to someone else.
Thanks in part to the efforts of Sharon Budd and her husband Randy, any new or rehabbed bridge ... (full story)

Over 1 million face loss of food aid over work requirements

Over 1 million face loss of food aid over work requirements

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — More than 1 million low-income residents in 21 states could soon lose their government food stamps if they fail to meet work requirements that began kicking in this month.
The rule change in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was triggered by the improving economy — specif ... (full story)

Drop-in centers prove better option for homeless teens than shelters

Homeless teens are more likely to embrace a drop-in center than a homeless shelter, according to researchers at The Ohio State University.
Teens without homes, many of whom have suffered while in the hands of the ones they trusted to provide them care, often refuse to go to shelters for warmth and nourishment, the researchers sai ... (full story)