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Akron Bar’s Criminal Law Section, a vehicle for education and change

A cohesive and friendly group of lawyers, always willing to lend an ear or offer advice--that’s how solo practitioner Jaclyn Palumbo describes the Akron Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section.
 “Criminal defense law is a very specific field and it is not unusual to see the same people several times a week s ... (full story)


Horses provide therapy for military veterans looking to heal

Horses provide therapy for military veterans looking to heal

GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) — Andre served four years in the Marines, but that didn't mean Dutch was going to take any orders from him. Horses aren't impressed by the number of stripes on a sleeve.
To get Dutch to follow his leadership would require something other than rank. It would take a relationship.
During the last 10 we ... (full story)

Slow and steady biking Idaho's remote Weiser River Trail

Slow and steady biking Idaho's remote Weiser River Trail

NEW MEADOWS, Idaho (AP) — No matter how speedily things are moving in the outside world, the pace is slow and steady on central Idaho's Weiser River Trail, a converted rail bed that runs 85 miles (137 kilometers) between two small towns in one of this state's most beautiful areas.
The trail takes travelers through forest, o ... (full story)

Revolt from indigenous base challenges Bolivia's Morales

Revolt from indigenous base challenges Bolivia's Morales

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Just months after President Evo Morales won re-election with a convincing three-fifths of the vote, Bolivia's first indigenous president is suddenly up against a formidable opposition.
It comes not from the conservative business elite that long has chafed at Morales' leftist rhetoric, but rather from ... (full story)

Legion of foreign fighters battles for Islamic State

Legion of foreign fighters battles for Islamic State

PANKISI GORGE, Georgia (AP) — One day this April, instead of coming home from school, two teenagers left their valley high in the Caucasus, and went off to war.
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a 20-year-old stole her friend's passport to make the same hazardous journey.
From New Zealand, came a former security guard; from Can ... (full story)


Marine reserve unit reflects 10 years after Iraq tour

BROOKE PARK, Ohio (AP) — Keith Wightman can tell how much time has passed since his only child was killed in Iraq by looking at a blue spruce he planted in the Marine's honor.
The once 3-foot-tall tree in Wightman's yard now stands at 12, maybe 15 feet tall.
"The 10 years have flown by," says the resident of Wa ... (full story)

Gov. Kasich rescinds union rights for Ohio care workers

COLUMBUS (AP) — Republican Gov. John Kasich last Friday rescinded a pair of directives issued by his predecessor that allowed independent home health care and child care workers under contract with the state to unionize, arguing the key union benefit of health insurance coverage is now widely available elsewhere.
An executi ... (full story)

Attorney general studying possible medical marijuana plan

Attorney general studying possible medical marijuana plan

COLUMBUS (AP) — Attorney General Mike DeWine said last Friday he's studying the plausibility of a tightly crafted medical marijuana proposal, as much broader initiatives head toward Ohio voters.
With the state debating whether to legalize marijuana, it's logical to explore what the alternatives are, said DeWine, a Republica ... (full story)

Legislators want to officially commend Gov. Kasich for work on water quality issues

A resolution commending Gov. John Kasich on his efforts to improve the water quality of Lake Erie has been reported out of a House committee.
Before the measure moved out of the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, Rep. Dave Hall, R-Millersburg, said House Concurrent Resolution 11 addresses water quality as it perta ... (full story)

Court rules police unlawfully seized cocaine from hotel room

The state recently lost an argument before the 10th District Court of Appeals asserting that a trial court improperly granted a man’s motion to suppress evidence after police seized a bag of cocaine from his hotel room.
The three-judge appellate panel agreed with the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas that officers lacke ... (full story)


Email encryption made easy

See Citizenfour yet? Worth getting HBO just to see it (and Going Clear).
If you recall, I wrote about the dark web technology that Glenn Greenwald and the team used to communicate with Edward Snowden during the time that Citizenfour was being filmed. In fact, much of the plot of the opening of the film involved the use of encrypt ... (full story)