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Pending US home sales increase in March

Pending US home sales increase in March

WASHINGTON (AP) — More Americans signed contracts to buy homes in March, the third straight month of gains as housing heats up with the start of the spring buying season.
The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index rose 1.1 percent to 108.6 last month. The index ... (full story)

In path of bird migration, Eastern states see possible flu

In path of bird migration, Eastern states see possible flu

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — With bird flu still a significant problem in the Midwest, the East Coast is now bracing for migratory treks of waterfowl that could put numerous states with poultry farms and backyard chicken operations at risk of an outbreak.
Michael Darre, an extension poultry specialist for Connecticut and the rest ... (full story)

Pot earnings and Chinese issues

Dear Mr. Berko: Our 13-year-old son, on the advice of our family physician, uses marijuana, and it's been a godsend. I seldom speculate but had an $11,600 short-term gain on three marijuana stocks our broker bought and sold for us last year. Our accountant told me that I can deduct the $3,630 we spend on medical marijuana, but our n ... (full story)


Law won’t shield your client from union organizers

Recent changes in labor laws have made it even harder for well-managed companies to dissuade their employees from joining labor unions that can drive up cost and weaken competitiveness.
The silver lining of the latest anti-business policy from the National Labor Relations Board is that it may reflect more light on other things c ... (full story)

Street Law Summit not what the students expected

Nearly 150 high school students from seven local schools last Monday packed the large ballroom at the Quaker Square Inn for the 13th annual Street Law Summit.
“It was not at all what I expected,” said Simone Green, a Buchtel High School student who plans on attending Lake Erie College. “I thought that it was goi ... (full story)


Those aren't gargoyles on the Haskell County Courthouse

Those aren't gargoyles on the Haskell County Courthouse

HASKELL, Texas (AP) — Spring babies are everywhere in West Texas. On the heels of bobcat kittens at Fort Griffin on the old West Texas frontier comes the reappearance of baby owls on the south side of the Haskell County Courthouse.
"Every year, they come back," said Susan Cockerell, who has worked in the courthous ... (full story)

Few vets getting care through $10 billion VA program

Few vets getting care through $10 billion VA program

NEW YORK (AP) — A new program that was supposed to get patients off waiting lists at Veterans Affairs medical centers by letting them switch to private-sector doctors is proving to be an even bigger disappointment than initially thought.
The Veteran's Choice program launched on Nov. 5 with $10 billion in funding and the exp ... (full story)

Professional liars are undermining justice in Colombia

Professional liars are undermining justice in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Sen. Luis Fernando Velasco's life began to unravel in 2008 when a lawyer appeared before prosecutors and accused him of conspiring with leftist rebels to coerce voters to support him.
His good name tarnished, Velasco was forced to temporarily abandon his Senate seat and was behind bars when his fathe ... (full story)


Plan to close charter school loopholes proposed

A plan to reform Ohio’s charter school regulations has been proposed in the state’s senate.
The charter school reform bill, similar to a pending House measure, is jointly sponsored by Sen. Tom Sawyer and Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering.
“This bill takes a significant step toward charter school regulatory refor ... (full story)

Landlords would have more protection from frivolous lawsuits under proposed bill

A Cincinnati lawmaker has filed a bill into the legislature that would exempt certain landlords and home sellers from the housing discrimination provisions of the Ohio Civil Rights Law.
“Senate Bill 134 seeks to aid the individuals who have found themselves in a no-win financial situation when faced with allegations of disc ... (full story)

Connecticut lawmaker holds fast to 1st-in-flight claim

COLUMBUS (AP) — A Connecticut lawmaker says he won't back down on his state's claims that another aviator beat the Wright brothers into flight, despite calls by an Ohio nonprofit group.
Sen. Kevin Kelly, a Stratford Republican, said in a statement this week that he understands the National Aviation Heritage Alliance's persp ... (full story)