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Walking towards retirement

For 31 years, Wilson R. Huhn drove from his home in Pepper Pike to his job as a professor at The University of Akron School of Law.
So when a student suggested he do something special to mark his upcoming retirement, the 65-year-old Huhn decided to celebrate his last week of work in an unusual way.
“I just thought maybe ... (full story)


'Saigon has fallen' _ a reporter's view of Vietnam War's end

'Saigon has fallen' _ a reporter's view of Vietnam War's end

Artillery explosions sound a fearsome 4 a.m. wake-up call, but I'm already awake. The attackers waiting at the gates of a vanquished Saigon have been warning they would act, and now with each thump of the Soviet-made 130mm guns, sound waves rustle the curtains of my open seventh floor hotel window. As I reach for my water glass, it ... (full story)

Defiant Hong Kongers resist embrace of mainland China

Defiant Hong Kongers resist embrace of mainland China

HONG KONG (AP) — All around Chow Tak-yee's neighborhood in the working-class edges of Hong Kong, the 26-year-old can feel the spreading influence of nearby mainland China on the prosperous, open-minded city she's always called home.
The children of mainland families now fill her neighborhood's best schools, and she's had to ... (full story)

Health law brings growth in food stamps in some states

Health law brings growth in food stamps in some states

CHICAGO (AP) — President Barack Obama's health care law has had a surprising side effect: In some states, it appears to be enticing more Americans to apply for food stamps, even as the economy improves.
New, streamlined application systems built for the health care overhaul are making it easier for people to enroll in gover ... (full story)


New standards proposed for certified attorneys

Lawyers have been able to become certified as specialists in Ohio since 1993. The Ohio Supreme Court is releasing for public comment proposed updates to the rules and standards.
The Commission on Certification of Attorneys as Specialists is proposing amendments to Gov. Bar R. XIV and the accompanying Standards for Accreditation o ... (full story)

Right to counsel

On August 20, 2009, a jury found Curtis D. Schleiger guilty of felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon. The court imposed a sentence of eight years for the felonious assault, and 18 months on the concealed weapon charge. The sentences were to be served consecutively. Schleiger appealed.
The court of appeals determined ... (full story)

County judge rejects new Ohio rules on traffic cameras

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A judge in northwest Ohio has made the latest ruling rejecting the state's new restrictions on traffic camera enforcement.
Lucas County Judge Dean Mandros followed up his March 22 preliminary injunction against the law with a ruling Monday that it violates home-rule powers given to local governments unde ... (full story)

Judge: Fired Ohio State band director's lawsuit may proceed

Judge: Fired Ohio State band director's lawsuit may proceed

COLUMBUS (AP) — A band director fired by Ohio State University for allowing a "sexualized culture" within its celebrated marching band may move forward with his civil rights lawsuit against the school, a federal judge ruled Friday.
U.S. District Judge James Graham denied Ohio State's request to dismiss the lawsuit ... (full story)

Legislation would allow the use of barricade devices on classroom doors

A bipartisan bill has been filed into the Ohio General Assembly that would require the Board of Building Standards to adopt rules for the use of a barricade device on a school door in an emergency situation.
“Sadly, in our world today no place is immune from attacks,” said Rep. Kristina Daley Roegner.
“Terms ... (full story)


Dictation apps

Your phone or tablet are always with you. And yet, you wait until you get back to the office to do your dictation, or you use a separate recorder to create your notes.
Well, there are a few good dictation apps for your phone.
At optimal use, they can even be used in conjunction with transcription programs, so that you can tal ... (full story)