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Technologies like webinars boost efficiency for lawyers

In the past few years, officials at the Family and Youth Law Center at Capital University Law School began noticing a dip in attendance for its in-person CLE presentations and conferences.
“A primary reason for the drop is the cost of attending a lengthy conference or presentation, primarily in terms of work time — al ... (full story)

Inside Hilton, Gallerie Bistro offers unique location

About two weeks into its opening run back in 2012, Gallerie Bar & Bistro in the Downtown Hilton Hotel served breakfast to the president of the United States.
Since then it has been quietly collecting little claims to fame, the first of which was its already beloved chef, Bill Glover.
Glover became a Columbus staple and loc ... (full story)

American financial stupidity

Dear Mr. Berko: I am 66 and have a doctorate, so supposedly I'm a smart guy, even though a financial planner took my wife and me to the cleaners two years ago. One of my colleagues invested a large amount of U.S. dollars in Iraqi currency, insisting he will collect millions. The teenage grandchildren of our friends get a fair allowa ... (full story)

Drones elevate the use of technology to new levels

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Michael Cairns jokingly says a drone photo is worth 10 pictures.
“In all seriousness though, shooting from a drone allows us to provide context of the exterior of an entire property in as little as one photo while still keeping the beauty traditionally associated with ground photograp ... (full story)


8 high-stakes situations where PR firepower can help

When sensitive situations emerge, your business or nonprofit client relies on you to understand the facts, apply perspective and recommend the best options.
In some of those same situations, your client is sitting on valuable public relations opportunities.
You can enhance relationships with your clients by helping them ident ... (full story)


Tractor-trailer hitches could be faulty, 6,000 may be in use

BATAVIA, Ohio (AP) — On a twisty, snow-lined hill that the locals call "Devil's Backbone," a 12-ton semi-trailer came loose from its tractor and plowed into an oncoming line of pre-dawn commuters.
At 40 miles per hour, the trailer struck the side of one pickup truck and careened head-on into another, killing the d ... (full story)

Ohio using highway messages to fight rise in traffic deaths

COLUMBUS (AP) — Facing an uptick in traffic deaths so far this year, Ohio officials will start using existing digital message boards along highways in an effort to make drivers think more about their behavior.
The State Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Transportation say 130 permanent message boards along roads in ... (full story)

Kasich signs $71B, 2-year budget after vetoing 44 items

COLUMBUS (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich last Tuesday signed a $71.2 billion, two-year state budget that continues his expansion of the Medicaid health program and provides an income-tax cut.
The Republican governor made extensive use of his line-item veto ahead of the signing, striking 44 provisions from the sweeping spending ... (full story)

Ohio lawmakers send anti-monopoly measure to fall ballot

COLUMBUS (AP) — State lawmakers in Ohio sent a proposal to the fall ballot last Tuesday that would ban constitutional monopolies, an effort with the potential to scuttle marijuana legalization in the state.
The amended measure flew through a Senate committee and both chambers over several hours, before its language had been ... (full story)

Conviction upheld for priest who raped 10-year-old boy in 1991

A 2-1 majority in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, recently affirmed a former Catholic priest’s conviction for transporting a minor in interstate commerce with the intent to engage in sexual activity with him.
The federal appellate panel upheld a ruling from the United States District Court for the Southern District o ... (full story)