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Legal Aid column: Harry Potter and the season of hope

For anyone who has kids, the Harry Potter series should be second nature to you, by now.
I have been making my way, this year, through the seven books with my son. To say he’s a fan would be putting it mildly.
Our nighttime routine: reading Harry Potter.
This year’s birthday party theme: Harry Potter.
Hallowe ... (full story)

As verdict amounts rise, when does it become too much?

Is there such a thing as too much? Lawyers, parties in litigation and especially insurers are asking. Judges have to be wondering.
We’ve been seeing verdicts in ranges never before imaginable. Why? Here are possible reasons.
• Inflation in general. Not much to say about that.
• Unimaginable numbers in other ... (full story)

Akron gets civic boost at Hack N Akron 3.0

AKRON—The city of Akron will be holding its third all-day Hack N Akron event, hosted by Launch League on Saturday, Dec. 9. This reoccurring hackathon brings together more than 100 coders, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, students, and civically-engaged individuals to participate in developing unique solutions to Akron&rsqu ... (full story)


Getting more 'wolflike' is the key to the future for coyotes

Getting more 'wolflike' is the key to the future for coyotes

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The future of the coyotes that roam forests, cities and suburbs from Newfoundland to Virginia could hinge on the animals becoming the "wolves" of the East Coast. And humans better get used to them.
Coyotes have lived in the East since the 1930s, and recent genetic tests have shown they are a ... (full story)

Bill would end practice of suspending driving privileges for non-driving offenses

A bipartisan lawmaker duo seeks to upend Ohio courts' practice of suspending an offender's driving privileges in instances in which the offense is unrelated to driving or using the vehicle in a criminal manner.
House Bill 260, jointly sponsored by Republican Rep. James Butler Jr. of Dayton and his Democrat counterpart Rep. Emilia ... (full story)