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Annuity vs. stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I have a large certificate of deposit coming due next month, which I could renew at less than 1 percent. When I told the banker that I'd like a higher rate of return, I was introduced to a specialist who aggressively tried to sell an equity-indexed annuity. He said that it guarantees 5 percent income and that I coul ... (full story)

Nuns' garden yields food for northwest Ohio pantry

Nuns' garden yields food for northwest Ohio pantry

SYLVANIA, Ohio (AP) — Somewhere in a Sylvania garden carrots grow in winter, tomatoes plants stand four feet high, and giant cabbage heads spring up from the earth at the start of Ohio's growing season.
What causes the perpetual sprouting of healthy crops? It's not some super grow fertilizer.
It's the Sisters of St. Fra ... (full story)

Merck and Zogenix

Dear Mr. Berko: My broker wants me to sell my 600 shares of Merck because he believes that the company will be sued by people who have consumed beef cattle that were fed with Merck's Zilmax. The literature says this drug produces bad side effects on cattle, and it could produce dangerous thalidomide-like effects on people who eat m ... (full story)

Ohio Bankers League event encourages dialogue on current banking issues

Recently, the Ohio Bankers League hosted what is quickly becoming one of its most popular annual events, the 2014 Regulator Roundtable.
The event is an opportunity for bankers from around the state to hear directly from consumer compliance examiners working for the major banking regulation authorities.
This year the event was ... (full story)


Father of student: fatal flight was to see sights

Father of student: fatal flight was to see sights

CLEVELAND (AP) — A small rented airplane crashed and burned shortly after takeoff Monday, killing four college students who were taking a sightseeing flight around Cleveland after their first day of classes.
The four men were students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Three were members of the varsity wrestl ... (full story)

Threats to governor are not public record

Threats to governor are not public record

The Ohio Supreme Court last Tuesday denied a request from a central Ohio media outlet asking the court to order a state agency to release information about threats made against the governor.
Threats to the governor qualify under Ohio’s public records law as security records, which are exempt from disclosure, the court rule ... (full story)

Bill would ban state from entering into federal housing agreements for illegal immigrants

State Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, has introduced a bill into the Ohio General Assembly designed to target the “illegal immigration crisis.”
House Bill 605 would prohibit state agencies from signing an agreement with the federal government to provide temporary housing for aliens who are not legally present in the Unite ... (full story)

Court vacates convictions of gang member charged as adult

A divided panel of judges in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion reversing the judgment of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio and vacating a defendant’s convictions for taking part in a conspiracy.
The majority ruled that the district court failed to properly instruct the ... (full story)