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The Conversation: We are all propagandists now

(THE CONVERSATION) The U.S. is in an information war with itself. The public sphere, where Americans discuss public issues, is broken. There's little discussion – and lots of fighting.
One reason why: Persuasion is difficult, slow and time-consuming – it doesn't make good television or social media content – a ... (full story)

Legal Aid launches new medical-legal partnership with Summa Health

<span style=Legal Aid launches new medical-legal partnership with Summa Health
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Four years ago, Shannon Perkins became frustrated after meeting with a patient who was physically unable to leave an abusive environment.
“I called all around town and none of the agencies could help due to her disabilities,” said Perkins, director of behavioral science/associate director of the Summa Family Medicine ... (full story)

How limiting Latin Mass may become the defining moment for Pope Francis

(THE CONVERSATION) Pope Francis took sudden steps on July 16, 2021, to curtail the traditional Latin Mass, in an abrupt reversal of his predecessor's policy.
To non-Catholics – and many Catholics – the decision may seem on first glance to be a technical, even obscure action not worth very much attention.
But it s ... (full story)

Meet Ohio 11th District Court of Appeals Judge John Eklund

With the goal of enhancing confidence in Ohio’s justice system, newly sworn-in 11th District Court of Appeals Judge John Eklund is spending his first few weeks on the bench familiarizing himself with court procedures and protocols and reviewing the cases he’s been assigned.
Judge Eklund was sworn in on July 1 by Geau ... (full story)

Why a 19th-century Russian anarchist is relevant to the mask and vaccine debate

(THE CONVERSATION) Americans who refused to don masks or get vaccinated during the pandemic don't have an easy task constructing a valid philosophical defense of their behavior.
The go-to philosophical authorities typically cited to defend individual liberty in the U.S. – John Locke and John Stuart Mill – do not pr ... (full story)