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Pursuing restitution order when all else fails

Defendants in criminal prosecutions are sometimes ordered to pay restitution to the victims of their crimes.
Restitution orders are pursued by the county state’s attorney as part of the criminal prosecution. The orders usually require the defendants to pay restitution to the state’s attorney’s office which then ... (full story)

Evidence must show undue, unfair prejudice

All relevant evidence is presumed admissible in a criminal trial. However, otherwise relevant evidence may be deemed inadmissible where “its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.”
So says Illinois Supreme Court Rule 403 (eff. Jan. 1, 2011).
Practitioners too often understand ... (full story)

‘Last Word’ swaps chick-flick sweetness for some saltiness

In a recent New York Times op-ed piece, Gloria Steinem defined “chick flick” as a movie “that has more dialogue than car chases, more relationships than special effects and whose suspense comes more from how people live than from how they get killed.”
“The Last Word,” starring Shirley MacLaine ... (full story)

Portage County collective bargaining case reversed

A Portage County trial court erred by finding an arbitrator exceeded his authority in a collective bargaining agreement in favor of the county Educators’ Association for Developmental Disabilities, according to the 11th District Court of Appeals.
Patricia Byttner was hired in 2008 for an account clerk position with the Port ... (full story)

Family and colleagues remember Canfield tax atty

A professional attorney admired and respected by colleagues and judges alike, who always made time for his family—that’s how Canfield lawyer Joseph D. DeSanto is being remembered by those closest to him.
The longtime tax and probate attorney passed away on Feb. 25 at his winter home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at the ... (full story)