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Akron community pays tribute to beloved attorney Brian Pierce

A fervent champion of due process and staunch opponent of the death penalty, criminal defense attorney Brian Pierce believed whole-heartedly in the presumption of innocence, giving his all for each and every client who sought his assistance, said his longtime law partner and friend Don Malarcik.
“Brian was the premier tria ... (full story)

Protections against sexual misconduct on campus may end up stifling free speech

(THE CONVERSATION) The student journalists we and other university faculty work with tackle difficult issues in our classrooms and for student publications. They write about faculty unionization, racial tensions on campus and university development that encroaches on surrounding communities.
These young reporters, talented and ... (full story)

Portage County attempted rape conviction vacated

A Portage County man’s attempted rape conviction was based on insufficient evidence and must be vacated.
Therefore, the trial court must resentence Naim A. Habeeb-Ullah on only of the remaining counts of gross sexual imposition or attempted sexual battery, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
Habeeb-Ull ... (full story)

Kids may need more help finding answers to questions in the information age

THE CONVERSATION) Children ask lots of questions. Even before children can put together words, they point at things that they want to learn about.
Some are easy enough to answer – "What's that animal?" or "Can I drink your beer?" Others like "What is God?" and "Why do people die?" a ... (full story)

Cartel sieges leave Mexicans wondering if criminals run the country

(THE CONVERSATION) Recent deadly attacks by criminal organizations have instilled fear across Mexico.
In mid-October, shootouts between cartels and police in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán killed over 30 people. And a 12-hour criminal assault on Culiacán, Sinaloa, after Mexican security forces captured the so ... (full story)