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Banner unveiled honors Judge Cacioppo, Councilman Davis

Banner unveiled honors Judge Cacioppo, Councilman Davis

AKRON––History smiles on the pioneers; the individuals who have the courage, the will and the want to take steady aim at a goal and overcome obstacles to achieve those goals. The individuals recognized on Feb. 1 at the Summit County Juvenile Court perfectly personified that definition.
Judge Mary Cacioppo and Council ... (full story)

Wayne County animal cruelty convictions affirmed

A Wayne County Municipal Court judge did not err by failing to suppress fruits of an illegal search by a retired police officer in an animal cruelty case, according to the 9th District Court of Appeals.
Pet rescue operator Jane Smith was charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty.
A jury found her guilty of 44 counts, and she w ... (full story)

Not doing pro bono work? ABA wants to know why

Not doing pro bono work? ABA wants to know why<BR>

Attorneys on active, emeritus pro bono or corporate registration status are most likely familiar with the Ohio Supreme Court’s annual email with a link to the 2016 voluntary pro bono website.
The reporting website allows attorneys to voluntarily and anonymously report pro bono work performed and contributions to legal servi ... (full story)

7th District reverses man’s four-wheeler OVI conviction

A Belmont County trial court erred by sentencing a man to five years in prison for driving a four-wheeler while intoxicated when the maximum penalty was three years, the 7th District Court of Appeals ruled recently.
After a 2014 jury trial, Kenneth Eugene Cunningham appealed his conviction for an incident that occurred April 9, 2 ... (full story)

Uncertain times are always good time to check future business opportunities

Whether you are a big fan of Donald Trump or haven’t slept in weeks since his inauguration, we all have to admit that these are shaky times. Changes are happening every day, and your clients may be in need of a sit-down with their counselor.
Every time you speak with a client, there are opportunities that can be uncovered t ... (full story)