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Akron Bar to reassess campaign conduct pledge process

AKRON––During each campaign season the Akron Bar Association evaluates candidates for judicial office and monitors their campaign conduct through a conduct pledge. ON Monday, the Akron Bar Association announced that it is suspending the campaign conduct pledge and process for Summit County judicial candidates to reassess ... (full story)

Juvenile court committee gives updates on laws, procedures

Created in 2013, the Akron Bar Association juvenile court committee is charged with keeping attorneys who work in the practice area updated on changes in the laws and trends so they can provide feedback to the Summit County Juvenile Court, said co-chair Dianne Curtis.
The committee, which has 44 members, usually meets on the seco ... (full story)

Akron Law’s 2nd annual Summer Trial Academy underway

Ever since he was a young boy in Pinckneyville, Illinois Kenton Steele said he’s been interested in the law.
“As a child I was a good talker and people always told me I should be a lawyer,” said Steele. “I did not know what a lawyer was but it sounded good. I went through most of my life wanting to learn ... (full story)

Mediation Circus: Trust is key to reaching agreements

Ronald Reagan famously quoted the Russian proverb, “Trust, but verify,” essentially meaning, don’t trust at all.
In coming to agreements, the converse is probably more true: “Verify, but trust.”
Because even after our most diligent verification and despite all of our most cynical planning, no deal ... (full story)

Ivanka Trump, sexual harassment: Why her dad finds no harm

When USA Today asked Donald Trump what his daughter Ivanka would do if she were sexually harassed, he responded, “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case.”
Trump’s son Eric followed by saying that because Ivanka is a strong and powerful woman, she would no ... (full story)