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Children Services promotes longtime staff member to CRD

Children Services promotes longtime staff member to CRD<BR>

As a longtime employee at Summit County Children Services (SCCS), Ann Ream has worked to protect and ensure the safety and wellbeing of kids. She’s also co-founded a program to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives and supervised other caseworkers.
Now she’s using her knowledge and experience to ra ... (full story)

Legal News column: Living through the accountability crisis

As we process events of the last couple of weeks, we are asking ourselves, among other things, what do we call it? The ongoing controversy over the president’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, has generated a robust debate among legal types over whether this is a constitutional crisis.
Immediately after President Donald ... (full story)

1st African-American female common pleas judge remembered

She opened doors for African-American women in the legal profession several times, becoming Summit County’s first African American female common pleas judge, but on April 18 Judge Saundra Jean House Robinson Jackson passed away after several major health setbacks.
She was 77.
“My wife was a good-hearted person who ... (full story)

Legal experts weigh in on the impact of AI

Once just a farfetched concept found in science fiction novels and movies, today artificial intelligence (AI) is not only a reality, it’s impacting the workplace. From changing the way businesses search for employees to allowing workers to speed up certain aspects of their jobs, the use of AI-infused software and platforms is ... (full story)

Cannabis companies need financial services; D.C. says don’t bank on it

The legal marijuana trade is a reality. Medicinal sales are permitted in 29 states, including Illinois, and several jurisdictions allow limited recreational use. A study cited in a recent Forbes article estimates the industry’s market value at more than $7 billion in 2016 and projects a 17 percent annual growth rate that could ... (full story)