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Today's global economy runs on standardized shipping containers, as the Ever Given fiasco illustrates

(THE CONVERSATION) Take a look around you.
Perhaps you're snacking on a banana, sipping some coffee or sitting in front of your computer and taking a break from work to read this article. Most likely, those goods – as well as your smartphone, refrigerator and virtually every other object in your home – were once load ... (full story)

In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up

(THE CONVERSATION) Gun control is back in the U.S. political debate, in the wake of mass shootings in California, Boulder and Atlanta.
Democrats see stricter gun control as a step toward addressing the problem. In March 2021, as the House of Representatives passed two gun control bills, Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the &qu ... (full story)

What COVID-19 vaccine side effects might I expect?

- You might experience redness and soreness in the arm where you got the shot, tiredness, muscle aches, chills and nausea, but these symptoms won't last long.
- You will be monitored for 15-30 minutes after you get your shot for more serious side effects, which are rare.
- Side effec ... (full story)

America gets a D+ for school infrastructure but COVID relief could pay for repairs

(THE CONVERSATION) Many kids are attending public schools this spring with the use of COVID-19 safety protocols, including more desk spacing, more frequent cleaning and mandates to wear masks.
But far too many of the school buildings themselves remain dilapidated, toxic and in desperate need of structural improvements.
On av ... (full story)

Biden wants corporations to pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure plans, echoing a history of calls for companies to chip in when times are tough

(THE CONVERSATION) President Joe Biden just proposed a roughly US$2 trillion infrastructure plan, which he ambitiously compared to the interstate highway system and the space race. He aims to pay for it solely by taxing companies more, including the first increase in the corporate tax rate since the 1960s.
Biden said he wants t ... (full story)