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Turning Point Drug Court receive High Court certification

AKRON––Judge Christine Croce of the Summit County Common Pleas Court has earned re-certification from the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Specialized Dockets for her Turning Point Drug Court.
Turning Point is a judicially supervised court docket that focuses on intensive ... (full story)

What do we want? Unbiased reporting! When do we want it? During protests!

(THE CONVERSATION) The new decade is just days old, but in one respect it is already shaping up like the last one: with mass protests around the world.
Rallies for democracy overseas and anti-war demonstrations in the U.S. come on the back of a year that saw people take to the streets over issues including human rights abuse, co ... (full story)

Portage County judge failed to advise defendant of jury trial right

A Portage County trial court accepted a guilty plea in a bad check case without telling the defendant he had the right to a jury trial, the 11th District Court ruled recently.
John C. Thompson appealed his convictions after pleading guilty to passing bad checks, misuse of credit cards and theft.
Thompson was sentenced to a ... (full story)

The Conversation: Who is born a US citizen?

(THE CONVERSATION) A recent court ruling about faraway American Samoa may have profound implications for a conflict that's been going on for nearly 200 years: who gets to be an American citizen.
Debates over who gets citizenship and what kind of citizenship they get have always been intertwined with race in American history, as ... (full story)

Excessive force case against Akron police reversed

A Summit County trial court erred by dismissing excessive force claims filed by a hard-of-hearing dentist who was arrested by Akron police during a routine traffic stop, the 9th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
Dr. Dale Leonhardt appealed the trial court’s decision granting summary judgment in favor of the city of ... (full story)