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Winter cycling shoes

If your favorite cardio activity is cycling, as is mine, then you probably know that winter can oftentimes be a real pickle with respect to granting you your outdoor riding time. And as I found over my many years of winter cycling, the biggest obstacle to getting those cold winter rides under my belt usually came down to ten very sm ... (full story)

Staying fit, building community and fighting 'COVID handles'

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PITTSBURGH (AP) — Chris Edmonds says Pittsburgh saved his life.
He came here 26 years ago as a high school junior, seeking refuge from the unforgiving streets of East Point just outside of Atlanta. His mother, a Pittsburgh native raising him alone, sent him back to her hometown to live with his aunt on Highland Avenue in T ... (full story)

Still The King: James wins AP Male Athlete of Year award

LeBron James told the world in 2020 that Black Lives Matter. He helped convince many who had never voted to finally head to the polls. He found more ways to continue elevating the lives of people in his hometown.
If that weren't enough, he won another NBA championship.
James' on-court performance this year was spectacular ag ... (full story)

On Football: Looking toward April and the NFL draft

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It sure seems like in the NFL it's all about the quarterbacks. Not only do they tend to drive success on the field, but they also can be the major reasons for failure.
Just ask the jokes that are the Jets and Jaguars, whose tepid race for the No. 1 overall draft pick is about as engrossing as the work of Blake Bortles and Sam Da ... (full story)

Think compound exercises for 2021

Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve listened to new clients complain about how little gym time they have available for their resistance workouts, yet when I begin examining their exercise-by-exercise workout routine I find at least a half dozen isolation exercises…and that’s a real head scratcher.
No ... (full story)