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Resistance training and the 60-plus

It’s funny but when we see commercials promoting gyms and resistance equipment, almost inevitably the people sweating and slaving away on the devices are youthful individuals.
Now in my opinion such imagery is yet another example of society’s fascination with age and youthfulness––and the marketers eager ... (full story)

Ex-Browns coach Hue Jackson says team lied about rebuild

<span style=Ex-Browns coach Hue Jackson says team lied about rebuild" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

CLEVELAND (AP) — Former Browns coach Hue Jackson said owner Jimmy Haslam gave him a contract extension midway through a winless 2017 season and that he was lied to from the start about the team's rebuilding plans.
During a wide-ranging radio interview recently with ESPN 850, Jackson said the Browns' efforts to improve whil ... (full story)

Sports cards have gone virtual, and in a big way

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SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) — Maybe the Luka Doncic rookie basketball card that recently sold at auction for a record $4.6 million was a bit rich for your blood. Perhaps you'd be interested in a more affordable alternative — say, a virtual card of the Dallas Mavericks forward currently listed for a mere $150,000?
Not lon ... (full story)

Few Black women coaches lead Power Five basketball programs

<span style=Few Black women coaches lead Power Five basketball programs" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

Dawn Staley and Joni Taylor embraced before and after the Southeastern Conference Tournament championship, savoring a historic moment in women's basketball.
It took 41 years for two Black women head coaches to meet in a tournament championship of a Power Five conference. For it to happen quicker was statistically improbable wit ... (full story)

Red River Gorge

Having endured a year of social distancing and cabin fever you just might be looking for a wonderful little weekend getaway this spring. And if you are I’ve got a stellar day-hiking sabbatical to lay on you, a place that’s still fresh in my mind seeing that I was only just there several weeks ago in Kentucky’s Red ... (full story)