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Football team honors Coast teen diagnosed with cancer

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (AP) — Austin Conner's eighth-grade year at school hasn't gone as planned — not at all.
The 14-year-old had been playing football for the Colmer Middle School Panthers, looking forward to helping his team win the district championship.
He wore number 61 and his twin brother, Wyatt, wore number 60. ... (full story)

NFL Legends Community offers ex-players valuable resources

NFL Legends Community offers ex-players valuable resources

ATLANTA (AP) — Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham and Joe Montana were the first names that came up during a random online search for "NFL legends." Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor popped up following a quick scroll down the page.
For Troy Vincent, the league's executive vice president of football operations and a five-time P ... (full story)

Knee care in the winter

Today’s column has its roots in an incident that occurred way back in the 1970s, when I was a young buck attending a bicycle race up around the New York-Canadian border.
And it went like this. I was a brash cyclist, who on a frigid March morning, sauntered into the event’s changing room only to be enveloped by an ove ... (full story)

Eccentric muscular contractions

Most people typically associate resistance training with the action that involves muscle shortening…you know, like raising the dumbbell while doing a biceps curl. But that’s only the half of it, because there’s also the action that involves muscle lengthening. And that action can be just as important in the whole ... (full story)

Lawsuits over signature dances latest effort at athlete identity

A new twist in the ongoing debate over athletes’ right of publicity may be on the way. Lawsuits over the alleged theft of dance moves were filed in courts last month against the makers of popular video games, including the NBA 2K video game series.
If the connection with dance doesn’t seem obvious, think end-zone chor ... (full story)