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Klosters offers great alpine skiing and royal connection too

Klosters offers great alpine skiing and royal connection too

KLOSTERS, Switzerland (AP) — It's easy to find a beautiful small town hidden away high in the Swiss Alps, one with fine food, challenging slopes and a welcoming, fireside atmosphere.
It's not so easy, however, to find one favored by British royals, a place where you might find yourself sharing a cable car with the future ki ... (full story)

Some athletes post selfies to clean up sports

BOSTON — It resembles the symbol for infinity: a sideways “S” that Kara Goucher, Molly Huddle and other elite U.S. athletes suddenly are sporting on biceps, wrists and shins.
The tattoos are temporary. But the campaign they represent is an all-out attempt to permanently purge competitive athletics of doping.
... (full story)

Cuban ballplayers special part of immigration question

In recent years, federal investigations regarding the smuggling of Cuban baseball players into the United States have began to unfold in the mainstream media.
Historically, Cuba has not let their baseball players leave the country freely. MLB-bound baseball players defecting from Cuba take huge risks fleeing their country and enl ... (full story)

Periodization part 1

Now’s the time of year when I often hear endurance athletes lamenting about the cold, grey weather that’s about to envelope our immediate future, wishing they could somehow transport themselves to warmer climes for the winter, places like Florida, Arizona and California. Their longing for such a Star Trek-like maneuver c ... (full story)

At Ohio State, Schiano gets a 'master's degree' in coaching

At Ohio State, Schiano gets a 'master's degree' in coaching

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Greg Schiano's office is also set up to be a meeting room for Ohio State's safeties. There are a couple of tables, eight chairs, and neatly set out at each spot is a binder with the week's game plan.
Schiano is three quarters of the way through his first college football season as an assistant coach si ... (full story)