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As owners return to work, dog trainers become busy

During the pandemic, adding a new furry friend to the family may have seemed like an excellent decision.
“I mean, after all, who doesn’t love a tiny puppy,” said local dog trainer Dara Fox.
However, as more people have returned to their workplaces, many of those dogs are exhibiting behavioral issues.
Ac ... (full story)

Some Ohio landowners benefit from spike in crude oil prices

Local motorists may be grumbling about higher gas prices, but for some landowners in Ohio, the increase in oil prices is good news.
Though most of the oil wells in Ohio are operated by out-of-state companies, landowners who lease property to those companies for drilling make money whenever oil is pumped from their land, accordin ... (full story)

Analyst estimates

Q: Where should I look for estimates of various companies' upcoming earnings? -- L.R., Carson City, Nevada
A: You'll find analysts' projected earnings at sites such as Yahoo! Finance. (Look up companies via the "Quote Lookup" search box, then click on "Analysis" on the company's data page.) But don't put too ... (full story)

Breast cancer survivor and lingerie designer shatters taboos

Breast cancer survivor and lingerie designer shatters taboos

NEW YORK (AP) — When Dana Donofree had a bilateral mastectomy and implant reconstruction after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2010, the then 27-year-old fashion designer discovered only medical and uncomfortable bras catering to women with the disease.
Such frustrations led Donofree to launch her lingerie company called An ... (full story)

Dealing with death? There's an app for that

Before the pandemic, entrepreneurs Liz Eddy and Alyssa Ruderman had trouble getting venture capitalists to invest in their end-of-life planning app Lantern. Potential business partners were skeptical as well.
"We would hear, 'Oh, this is really a niche issue,' which I think is pretty hilarious," Eddy says. "Death ... (full story)