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Housing market in Ohio on rebound post-recession

Housing market in Ohio on rebound post-recession

CLEVELAND (AP) — The housing market in Ohio is on the rebound after a steep drop in prices during the recession that took hold in 2008. That economic decline was the result of Wall Street's bad bets on risky subprime mortgages. The burst of the housing bubble both here and abroad triggered the deepest economic downturn since ... (full story)

Algae at Buckeye Lake could threaten tourism

BUCKEYE LAKE, Ohio (AP) — Those who depend on tourism at a central Ohio lake popular with boaters and fishermen are concerned about the higher levels of toxic blue-green algae this year.
Algae levels at Buckeye Lake east of Columbus were consistently higher this year than in any of the past three years, despite increased p ... (full story)

Tax cut for Ohio small businesses goes unclaimed

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A tax cut for small business-owners in Ohio hasn't been claimed as much as expected, leading some to shell out hundreds of millions in taxes that state law didn't require them to pay.
Republicans including Gov. John Kasich have promoted the tax deduction as a way to help small businesses expand. Owner ... (full story)

Search on for survivor ash trees in Ohio, Michigan

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Researchers studying a tree-killing beetle are asking residents in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan to help them with a scavenger hunt of sorts.
Scientists think there are few ash trees in the wild that have been able to withstand the emerald ash borer and are hoping that they could provide s ... (full story)

Don't sell

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm 47, and my $313,000 portfolio has been 85 percent invested in Standard & Poor's 500 index issues since June 2008. My new broker, like other professionals, including many financial magazine articles, thinks the stock market is going to crash soon because the Federal Reserve will unexpectedly raise rates. He w ... (full story)