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Survey finds more people moving into Ohio

Ohio ranked as the 15th best growth state last year, up from its previous ranking of 34th, according to U-Haul's data analysis of U.S. migration trends for 2018.
The report examines the volume of trucks entering and leaving each state, providing a way to gauge how well states attract and maintain residents.
More than 2 million ... (full story)

Strong economy does little to lift department store sales

NEW YORK (AP) — It was supposed to be a great holiday shopping season. Many investors had expected department stores to enjoy robust sales in light of a U.S. economy buoyed by low unemployment, higher wages, strong consumer confidence and cheap gas.
So when Macy's and Kohl's reported lackluster numbers last Thursday, they w ... (full story)

Texas recyclers face challenges of weak demand, low prices

Texas recyclers face challenges of weak demand, low prices

HOUSTON (AP) — Oceans choked with discarded plastics. Beached whales found with hundreds of pieces of plastics in their stomachs. Soil contaminated by tiny fragments of plastics.
The Houston Chronicle reports as environmentalists, corporations and the public increasingly focus on the mass of plastics discarded every day, th ... (full story)

Fifth Third Bank is the pits

Dear Mr. Berko: In March of this year, I bought 300 shares of Fifth Third Bank at $34, but it hasn't gone higher, even in this bull market. The shares have just continued to go down in price, while most other banks in the Midwest have risen in value. I've got a 27 percent loss. Would you recommend that I buy another 300 shares? -- P ... (full story)

Is GoPro stock a go?

Dear Mr. Berko: GoPro looks like fun. Our neighbor's son showed us photos for over an hour (a little too long) of his skiing trip, and some of the video looked fantastic. He says GoPro is the latest trend, and our 32-year-old son and his wife may buy a GoPro device. What can you tell us about the stock? I'll buy 2,000 shares or so a ... (full story)