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Washington Supreme Court OKs lesser version of carbon cap

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SEATTLE (AP) — The Washington Supreme Court last Thursday reinstated a severely limited version of Gov. Jay Inslee's plan to cap carbon pollution in the state, a decision the Democrat described as a "clarion call" that lawmakers must act on climate change.
In a 5-4 ruling, the court said the Clean Air Rule cannot ... (full story)

More than a gym: Sioux Falls jumps on boutique fitness trend

<span style=More than a gym: Sioux Falls jumps on boutique fitness trend" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — Alicia Farmer emerged from the cycling room at a fitness studio on the southwest side of Sioux Falls, glistening with sweat.
She dabbed at her face with a towel and prepared to join the other women gathering in a mirrored room covered with yoga mats.
Although tired from the spin class she just finish ... (full story)

How many shareholders?

Q: Can I find out how many people own shares of a certain company's stock? -- P.F., Pocahontas, Arkansas
A: It's very difficult, if not impossible.
You might start by looking up the company's annual 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), via the SEC.gov website. For example, in PepsiCo's 10-K for its ... (full story)

US drinking more now than just before Prohibition

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NEW YORK (AP) — Americans are drinking more now than when Prohibition was enacted. What's more, it's been rising for two decades, and it's not clear when it will fall again.
That's the picture painted by federal health statistics, which show a rise in per-person consumption and increases in emergency room visits, hospitali ... (full story)

OSU, Accenture to partner on Data Analytics Institute

The Ohio State University and professional services company Accenture continue to build on its 20-year partnership with a new internship program.
The OSU's Translational Data Analytics Institute will provide students the opportunity to experience the field of data and analytics by providing space and tools and Accenture's busine ... (full story)