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Ohio banks are giving more of their attention to consumer protection

On Friday, Aug. 7, bankers from around the state gathered at the Fawcett Center for the chance to get up close with consumer compliance examiners who work for the major banking regulation authorities.
The issues discussed at this year’s Ohio Banker’s League Regulator Roundtable ranged from overdraft fees to flood insu ... (full story)

For many caught in vicious payday lending cycle, bankruptcy filing is best option

Backed by splashy websites and catchy radio and television commercials advertising fast cash, the payday lending industry is big business.
Companies appeal to clients who are short on cash by offering quick application processes, exceptions for bad credit and fast money directly deposited into bank accounts.
Opponents of the i ... (full story)

CVR Partners

Dear Mr. Berko: I told my broker at Wells Fargo that I wanted to take a gamble with $5,000, and he recommended that I buy 400 shares of CVR Partners at $12. At the time, the issue paid $1.56 and yielded 13 percent. So I bought 400 shares, and my greedy side wants me to buy another 400 shares. Please tell me what you know and think a ... (full story)

The political stock market

Dear Mr. Berko: Please settle an argument that I have with a stockbroker who is a staunch Democrat. He insists that stocks do much better under a Democratic president than a Republican president. How could that be true? And he insists I vote my pocketbook, which my friends tell me is selfish. -- PP, Jonesboro, Ark.
Dear PP: You s ... (full story)

Sale of Ohio-made wines at farmers markets proposed

A bill that would allow certain permit holders to sell Ohio wines at farmers markets has been presented to the Senate Agriculture Committee.
Senate Bill 153, sponsored by Sen. Gayle Manning, would establish the F-10 liquor permit and authorize the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to issue the permit to an A-2 liquor permit holder ... (full story)