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The goodness of Cheerios

Dear Mr. Berko: I read your column about the Quaker Oats land certificates and wish I had kept mine. One of the guys at the shop where I work (we all read and discuss your column) seems to remember that Cheerios once stuffed cereal boxes with Sacagawea dollars and says some of those coins are now worth several thousand dollars. He s ... (full story)

Considering a remodeling project? There's an app for that

In a culture accustomed to apps that manage everything from home security to adjusting the thermostat, of course there exist multiple online applications to assists the average homeowner in a renovation or remodel of the home.
The trick is to find the best rated apps that match the needs of the remodeler, which can include apps t ... (full story)

High-tech Lake Erie buoy provides new source of information

CLEVELAND (AP) — A high-tech buoy was placed eight miles offshore in Lake Erie in preparation for construction of a wind farm, but it's proving to be a treasure trove of environmental information for boaters, fishermen and scientists.
The first-of-its-kind buoy is collecting and transmitting wind speeds, water temperatures ... (full story)

What would Buffett do with $27,000?

Dear Mr. Berko: My husband and I are 26 and recently inherited $27,000. That's more money than we believed we'd ever see at one time. I have a degree in art history, and he has a bachelor's in music, but we can't find jobs in our fields. I work at Dillard's, and my husband works for Home Depot. We don't make much, and Mom takes care ... (full story)

VADXX: Turning plastic back into petrol

Looking like something out of a 1950’s science fiction movie, the new recycling plant on Waterloo Road, near the blimp hanger, houses radical new technology that may help with eliminating plastic waste and, at the same time, creating petroleum products that could also lessen the need to drill.
VADXX’s technology essen ... (full story)