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Appalachia report cites progress, challenges after 50 years

Appalachia report cites progress, challenges after 50 years

The agency created five decades ago to fight poverty in Appalachia has helped county economies grow with nearly $4 billion in spending, but the region still lags in key measures of educational, economic and physical well-being, according to a new study.
The exhaustive report ordered up by the Appalachian Regional Commission cites ... (full story)

MUA and Leverage

Dear Mr. Berko: For the past few weeks, I have been watching BlackRock MuniAssets Fund trading between $13.46 and $13.85. It seems very steady, and the income has also been very steady over the past five years. It pays 6.25 cents monthly, which is a 5.4 percent tax-free yield, and that's very attractive. How can it get this kind of ... (full story)

The next big thing in banking could be an app on your smartphone

Anywhere people go these days, it seems as though they are bound to see someone walking around thumbing through apps and texts on their smartphone.
As people have become more interested in the hand-held devices, they have also started relying on them to manage all the details of their lives, including their finances.
In fact, ... (full story)

Gamblers' optimism? Casino money misses states' expectations

Gamblers' optimism? Casino money misses states' expectations

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — For anyone betting on the Northeast's casino bonanza, the odds are long on projects hitting financial expectations.
In the last several states to open casinos — Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania — overall revenue is coming in below baseline forecasts, according to a review of state tax data. ... (full story)

US interest rates and foreign markets

Dear Mr. Berko: Now that the economy has recovered, when will certificate of deposit rates come back to their normal 4 or 5 percent? What do you think about the European stock market and interest rates? Are there any attractive European investments you'd recommend? I have $17,500 to invest, and I can afford to take more-than-average ... (full story)