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Proposal would give restaurants a tax break for food donations

The Ohio Restaurant Association has endorsed a bill that would create a refundable income tax or commercial activity tax credit for a business that donates food inventory to charitable organizations.
The refund would be equal to a percentage of a federal income tax deduction taken by the business for the same donation.
&ldquo ... (full story)

Cristo Rey school equips students with iPads and opportunity

Last year Columbus became home to one of 28 Cristo Rey private Catholic schools across the country.
For a short period, the school made its home in a temporary Franklinton building of barely 8,000 square feet.
Recently, however, the school held a garden party to celebrate the completion of renovations on their new, permanent ... (full story)

From printing to the future

Dear Mr. Berko: In January 2013, I had a $2,050 cash balance in my individual retirement account from a preferred stock that was partially called away. So I bought 200 shares of RR Donnelley at $8.75 because I used to work for that company in Chicago when I was in high school in the 1960s, because I myself am in the printing busine ... (full story)

Toledo nervously awaiting fate of beloved Jeep

Toledo nervously awaiting fate of beloved Jeep

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The thought of losing the Jeep Wrangler — a direct descendant of the original olive-drab vehicle that rolled off the assembly line in Toledo on its way to the battlefields of World War II — feels a little bit like losing a family member to those who have spent generations on the factory floor.< ... (full story)

Globus Medical

Dear Mr. Berko: My wife, who has had a bad back for 12 years, finally had back surgery. The doctor, who is a close friend, used a product made by a company called Globus Medical that he discovered several years ago. I won't bore you with the details, but in a nutshell, he says that the Globus implants are "engineered smarter&q ... (full story)