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Wellness start-up brings the concept to corporations

According to a recent survey by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH)/Fidelity Investments, corporations have substantially increased their investments in employee wellness programs in the past five years.
This fits into the experience of Kimberly Hemminger, RN, BSN, founder of the 13-year-old company Wellness Works For Y ... (full story)

Drive-ins use creativity to afford digital switch

Drive-ins use creativity to afford digital switch

SACO, Maine (AP) — Many in the movie industry feared the need to convert to digital could be the death knell for drive-ins, but drive-in operators are finding creative ways to afford the switch.
Drive-in movie theater operators say more than 200 of the remaining 348 drive-ins in the country have made the expensive conversi ... (full story)

Bill would protect pharmacists from sketchy auditing practices

Independent pharmacists are standing alongside a Zanesville lawmaker in pushing for the passage of Senate Bill 258.
The proposed legislation would establish standards for the performance of pharmacy audits such as required notice if an audit is to be conducted on the premises of a pharmacy.
The bill, sponsored by Republican S ... (full story)

New prison work program proposed

Rep. Jim Butler has said the billions of dollars spent by taxpayers for the health care, shelter, food and security for inmates will continue to be spent whether or not the inmates work.
“If offenders volunteer to work, and in the process help to shoulder some of their own financial burden to the state which would have bee ... (full story)

Annuities and GMIB

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm considering putting $100,000 into an Allianz variable annuity. Please explain how the guaranteed minimum income benefit works. And please tell me which of the 30 mutual funds available in this High Five annuity I should invest in. I don't want to be taken to the cleaners. Is this a good 10-year investment for so ... (full story)