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Good Samaritan Law for engineers, architects, passes Ohio House

Several state lawmakers have applauded the Ohio House for unanimously passing the Good Samaritan Law for Engineers, Surveyors and Architects.
The proposed legislation, House Bill 17, would extend civil immunity to engineers, architects and surveyors volunteering during a declared emergency under the purview of a body authorized t ... (full story)

RVShare teams up with group to provide RVs for physically-challenged

The ability to take an excursion to one of America’s many campgrounds in an RV is something many people take for granted. But for the physically challenged, there are serious obstacles to embarking upon such a trip starting with the fact that there are few RVs for rent that can meet the needs of this group.
But now a unique ... (full story)

Take a bite out of Apple

Dear Mr. Berko: I recall a column of yours from a couple of years ago that was negative on Apple because Steve Jobs died. Apple has gone up a lot since that column, so I wonder whether it has gone up too much to buy for a three- to five-year investment. Also, what is your opinion of Apple Watch, which wasn't on display at the recent ... (full story)

How short-term viral hits can transform a small business

How short-term viral hits can transform a small business

NEW YORK (AP) — Fifteen minutes of Internet fame can create long-term riches for a small business.
Whether it's a photo that gets shared on social media like the recent controversy over the color of #TheDress or a funny review that gets passed around, sales of products that go viral often skyrocket. And although the sellers ... (full story)

Pharmaceuticals and Index Funds

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker is advising me to sell my 400 shares of AbbVie Inc., which was a 2013 spinoff of Abbott Laboratories. I inherited 400 shares of Abbott Labs when my daddy passed in 2002. Dan, my broker and friend, wants me to buy 200 shares of Hospira Inc. He thinks this is an undervalued drug stock and could rise to b ... (full story)