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AP: Gorsuch case review shows he's no crusader on abortion

AP: Gorsuch case review shows he's no crusader on abortion

NEW YORK (AP) — On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to appoint a crusading anti-abortion Supreme Court justice who'd work to overturn the Roe v. Wade opinion that legalized it.
However, an Associated Press review of decisions and writings by Neil Gorsuch during a decade as a federal appeals court judge in ... (full story)

The aide ‘who helped Trump find his voice’

WASHINGTON — Stephen Miller was a teenager in California when got his first political gig as a regular guest on a local conservative talk radio show, eager to complain about his liberal high school. In columns written for local newspapers, he took on what he called its plague of political correctness.
The school’s dec ... (full story)

NYC to pay $75 million to end lawsuit over flimsy summonses

NEW YORK — New York City has agreed to pay up to $75 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging police officers issued nearly 1 million legally baseless criminal summonses over several years because they were under pressure to meet quotas.
The settlement announced Monday would allow people issued court summonses for ... (full story)

Bogus bongs or bogus lawsuits? Trademark law turned on its head

In the rarefied world of high-end bong makers, Roor glass water pipes have long been smoked to impress. The status symbols are so sought after that some models command prices of $1,000. There’s even a diamond-studded, gold-gilded Roor that goes for nearly $4,000.
Both marijuana and the tools used to smoke it remain illegal ... (full story)

Synthetic drugs make sentencing troublesome for courts, prosecutors

The men who sold it called it Mr. Miyagi, a mind-altering chemical compound mixed with vegetable material and resembling marijuana.
It was clear the drug was meant to be smoked for a potent high, notwithstanding the deceptive label that the product was potpourri not fit for human consumption. But less clear was how to punish the ... (full story)