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Citing race discrimination, Louisiana high court tosses 2013 death sentence

NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out the conviction and death sentence of a man whose case drew national attention to the state’s use of the death penalty.
In its decision, the court said it was sending the case of Rodricus Crawford back to a lower court for a new trial, citing racial discr ... (full story)

DIVIDED AMERICA: Minorities hopeful, whites sour on future

DIVIDED AMERICA: Minorities hopeful, whites sour on future

This year's presidential campaign has underscored an economic paradox: Financially, black Americans and Hispanics are far worse off than whites, yet polls show minorities are more likely than whites to believe in the American Dream. And they are less anxious about the outcome of the election.
At 71, Carole Ramsey knows she has lo ... (full story)

Judge denies bid to bar evidence at Trump U. trial

SAN DIEGO — A federal judge recently tentatively denied a request to ban statements made by and about President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign from being used at the San Diego trial of a lawsuit involving him and his now-defunct Trump University.
U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the Indiana-born jurist who was ac ... (full story)

What money experts are telling clients post-election

No outcome is ever truly assured, as everyone in America now knows. We can’t predict what our new president will do, or Congress, or the economy or the markets.
All that uncertainty, though, means it’s a good time to review your investments to see if they still match your goals. If so, you probably shouldn’t cha ... (full story)

Rescue bird sanctuary helps heal PTSD

MYAKKA CITY, Fla. (AP) — Neighbors called the police after they couldn't take the avian shrieking anymore. When police entered the abandoned St. Petersburg apartment, the ravenous creature identified itself, as well as its distress, by repeating two words again and again: "Feed Chico! Feed Chico!"
The missing owne ... (full story)