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The Akron Legal News, Akron Ohio, Summit County Ohio

The Akron Legal News

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The Akron Legal News is a daily publication devoted to legal, financial, real estate and general news. Designated by the Federal, County and Municipal Courts as the Official Law Journal of Summit County, Ohio.

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Coronavirus (covid-19) Update

Note: Due to the coronavirus (covid-19), we have made the decision to split our workforce into two teams and modify our hours of operation. Support will be available through all of our normal channels. Our employees are all working towards the common goal of continuing to deliver the legal news to our clients. Our modified hours of operation are M-F 9am-1pm. We will remain in touch with any updates and wish you good health and peace of mind.

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Justices turn away VW appeals over emissions scandal suits

Justices turn away VW appeals over emissions scandal suits

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court recently turned away appeals from Volkswagen that sought to stop state and local lawsuits related to the 2015 scandal in which the automaker was found to have rigged its vehicles to cheat U.S. diesel emissions tests.
The court's action allows suits by Ohio, Salt Lake County, Utah, and th ... (full story)

9th District affirms ruling permanently revoking pharmacist’s license

A former pharmacist who was fired from a medical marijuana dispensary for allegedly giving co-workers homemade marijuana gummy bears argued his professional licenses should not have been permanently revoked.
Christopher Jaroscak worked as a pharmacist for over 10 years. Four months after starting work at the dispensary, a woman ... (full story)

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