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Cincinnati lawmaker files bill asking for baseball to reinstate Pete Rose

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Published: May 11, 2015

A Cincinnati lawmaker has gone to bat for Charlie Hustle.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4, sponsored by Sen. Cecil Thomas, urges Robert Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, to remove Pete Rose from the MLB’s permanently ineligible list “as soon as possible.”

The measure also requests that Rose be eligible for inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

SCR 4 notes that the polarizing sports legend is the all-time leader in hits, at bats and games and is the only MLB player to play more than 500 games at five positions.

“Rose is a 17-time Major League Baseball all-star, is the only player to be an al-star at five different positions and is the winner of two Gold Gloves, the rookie of the year award, three batting titles, a most valuable player award, and three World Series titles, two with the Cincinnati Reds and one with the Philadelphia Phillies,” the resolution states.

Rose, who managed the Cincinnati Reds from 1984-89, voluntarily accepted a permanent place on MLB’s ineligible list following an investigation into his gambling activities.

SCR 4 states that the investigation did not produce any evidence that Rose gambled against the Reds while he was the manager of the team.

“Under MLB rules, Rose was eligible to apply for reinstatement on or after Aug. 24, 1990. Rose applied for reinstatement in 1992, but MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent refused to act on the application,” the resolution reads.

“The 2015 Major League Baseball all-star game is being held at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, which is the city where Rose spent a majority of his playing career and his entire managing career.”

The measure notes that in previous all-star games, a living legend from the home team represents the team and acts as a host to the baseball community.

“Even though Rose is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable members of the Cincinnati Reds of all time, he is prohibited from taking part in any baseball-related activities,” SCR 4 states, adding that Rose reapplied for reinstatement in March.

Last week Manfred said Rose would be allowed to participate in all-star game festivities this year.

Thomas, a Democrat, has gained bipartisan support for the measure.

SCR 4 is awaiting a committee assignment.

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