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Antitrust regulators looking at Microsoft/OpenAI relationship

So this is even more complex than the Milwaukee Bucks coaching situation, if that’s possible.
To refresh: Several months’ ago the board of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, fired its founder and president, Sam Altman.
Altman is the visionary of the company who put together the technical side with the money side. ... (full story)

Supreme Court might have just cost Apple billions

Well, boo-hoo.
The United States Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court ruling about Apple’s app store payments that might cost the company a few billion, give or take.
The recent ruling is a part of the ongoing and long-running litigation between Apple and Epic Games, maker of the billion-dollar Fortnite game pla ... (full story)

How to lose your cush job at eBay and go to jail

Several eBay senior executives have lost their jobs, and their freedom, after they cost the company a $3 million settlement with the DOJ over a critic-correction game gone very badly.
Maybe don’t hire ex-CIA guy as company security, just saying.
Natick, Massachusetts married couple David and Ina Steiner were just cruis ... (full story)

Ransomware 2022-3-4: From nuisance to life threat

Cybersecurity company Emsisoft has published a study of ransomware attacks from last year and the years before, and its findings are intense. So is its call to action.
Ransomware has gone from a nuisance to a public health and safety disaster since it was introduced around 2015.
Of particular sensitivity are ransomware atta ... (full story)

CFTC makes controversial crypto decision

The Lever is reporting on a Dec. 13 Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) decision that is another shot in the war between that small agency and the SEC over who can control the regulation (and therefore the future) of cryptocurrency.
The Lever is calling this “SBF’s Victory From Behind Bars,” and it&rsqu ... (full story)