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Cadwallader hit with class action suit over data breach; ABA hacked

Are you absolutely sure that your firm’s client data is secure from a cyberattack? Because even the big boys are getting hacked.
Cadwallader Wickersham and Taft, New York City’s oldest law firm with over 400 attorneys in four offices, has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit over a 2022 data breach. The laws ... (full story)

Feds create software “Secure by Design, Secure by Default” guidelines

Several federal agencies, with input from security agencies in seven other countries, have combined forces to create a promised broad set of guidelines to make software more secure from attacks, fulfilling one part of the current administration’s national cybersecurity strategy.
The “Principles and Approaches” ... (full story)

So who gets to regulate cryptocurrency?

In what could be a major plot point in an early William Gibson novel, federal agencies are fighting to determine who gets to regulate cryptocurrency—without there being any written regulations or guidance from Congress or the administration, according to a recent analysis from Wired Magazine.
“It’s like driving ... (full story)

National Cybersecurity Strategy published by the White House

The Biden-Harris administration has published a five “pillar” cybersecurity strategy the looks to have data security as a built-in feature in every aspect of US business, government, and foreign relations.
Although there have been various agency regulations, a smattering of laws and suggestions through at least the l ... (full story)

CISA director in favor of software companies’ liability for hacks

Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Director Jen Easterly recently gave a presentation in which she echoed numerous cybersecurity experts in calling for Congress to look at holding software companies liable for hacks that occur because of faulty code in the software itself.
This is an old issue, with experts callin ... (full story)