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AI vendors are coming after lawyers. What about confidentiality?

For over a year now, Microsoft has been aggressively selling a generative AI product to lawyers that connects attorneys to OpenAI, the home of ChatGPT’s various iterations. In doing so, the sales folks are generally promising that using their chatbot won’t violate any attorney rules of privacy or confidentiality.
Exc ... (full story)

AI lands in the 2024 Akron Law IP conference

Artificial Intelligence took center stage at both the opening and closing of the 26th Annual University of Akron School of Law Symposium on Intellectual Property Law and Policy, which was held at the school’s student center on March 25.
With 125 attendees, including several law students affiliated with the law school&rsquo ... (full story)

States getting into the AI deepfake prohibition act

AI deepfakes are here, and they may disrupt everything from politics to the music industry.
And while the copyright protection aspect of deepfakes belongs generally to the federal government, states are starting to pass laws designed to prevent that disruption.
The specific laws involved are a government’s Right of Pu ... (full story)

SCOTUS weighs in on public officials’ use of social media

In a unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court has decided that a public official’s use of social media can constitute state action, such that then those officials can be subject to First Amendment and other constitutional challenges for deleting or blocking other users’ comments about those officials.
The case is Lin ... (full story)

News outlets sue OpenAI for violating copyright laws

Just to catch up on things:
OpenAI owns and operates ChatGPT.
ChatGPT is “trained” on a claimed trillion data points organized into data sets that are vacuumed up throughout the internet.
Lots of that stuff that’s vacuumed up is copyrighted. ChatGPT don’t care about your stinkin’ copyrights. ... (full story)