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US Supreme Court to hear IP cases

The United States Supreme Court is set to decide a wide range of intellectual property cases in its upcoming term, including cases involving Andy Warhol and Jack Daniels whiskey.
Feel free to dig into these cases yourself if you’re interested.
Here’s a brief overview.
The most highly publicized of these cas ... (full story)

Cybersecurity developments in the law office 2022

Here we go, starting in on end-of-the-year reviews.
This one, from the National Law Journal, lists the top five cybersecurity developments of the previous twelve months that display not only the changes of the last year but where law office cybersecurity is heading.
First up—the growing adoption of cloud services in t ... (full story)

Free PACER will save the government money

As reported here awhile ago, there is a bill in Congress that will make PACER free. This is a result of a scandal (of sorts) in the federal judiciary in which some judges were using the millions of dollars in PACER income as a slush fund for purchases.
In response to congressional attempts to make PACER free, the judiciary struc ... (full story)

California third state to pass social media law

California has become the third state to pass a law restricting social media companies’ behavior, following Florida and Texas.
Of course, Cali’s law is a bit different from the other two. They all have to do with regulating content moderation, but, of course, their approaches are far different from one another.
T ... (full story)

ABA formal opinion on hitting email ‘reply all’

There are numerous stories of attorneys sending emails to the wrong people and thereby running afoul of various privacy and ethical standards. That simple mindlessness can lead to frantic attempts to retrieve emails for privilege or hasty explanations of half-thought-out strategies.
One of the easiest such mistakes to make is t ... (full story)