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Akron Muni Court’s new housing program in full swing

According to the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, the state’s eviction filing rate rose to 6.4% in 2022.
That’s more than 2% higher than it was in 2020 when local and federal moratoria on eviction proceedings and emergency rental assistance are credited with decreasing the filings to 4.2% from the prior year’s pre- ... (full story)

Geoengineering sounds like a quick climate fix, but without more research and guardrails, it's a costly gamble − with potentially harmful results

(THE CONVERSATION) When soaring temperatures, extreme weather and catastrophic wildfires hit the headlines, people start asking for quick fixes to climate change. The U.S. government just announced the first awards from a US$3.5 billion fund for projects that promise to pull carbon dioxide out of the air. Policymakers are also explo ... (full story)

After an 80-year absence, gray wolves have returned to Colorado − here's how the reintroduction of this apex predator will affect prey and plants

Joanna Lambert University of Colorado Boulder
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)
Joanna Lambert, University of Colorado Boulder
(THE CONVERSATION) Gray wolves were reintroduced to Colorado in December 2023, the latest attempt in a decades ... (full story)


Fake Michigan Certificate of Votes mailed to U.S. Senate after 2020 presidential vote, official says

A fake Certificate of Votes was submitted to the U.S. Senate following Michigan's 2020 presidential election, an official testified recently during a preliminary hearing for six people facing forgery and other charges for allegedly serving as false electors.
The "purported" Certificate of Votes didn't match an official ... (full story)

Trump's pick to lead the RNC is facing skepticism from some Republicans

WASHINGTON (AP) — In pushing Michael Whatley as the next leader of the Republican National Committee, Donald Trump zeroed in on the North Carolina GOP chairman's dedication to "election integrity," baselessly suggesting he would ensure the 2024 race "can't be stolen."
Some of Trump's most ardent support ... (full story)

Senate Bill would abolish plane sales tax exemption

A Delaware lawmaker wants to make less attractive the practice of Ohioans purchasing manned aircraft and flying it out of state to close on the sale of the new plane.
Republican Sen. Andrew Brenner said the so-called “fly-away exemption” relieves the purchaser of having to pay sales tax when the sale of aircraft is c ... (full story)

How Donald Trump went from a diminished ex-president to the GOP's dominant front-runner

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — When he left the White House, Donald Trump was a pariah.
After years of bending Washington to his will with a single tweet, Trump was diminished. He was a one-term president rejected by voters and then shunned by large swaths of his party after his refusal to accept his defeat culminated in an insurrect ... (full story)


Antitrust regulators looking at Microsoft/OpenAI relationship

So this is even more complex than the Milwaukee Bucks coaching situation, if that’s possible.
To refresh: Several months’ ago the board of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, fired its founder and president, Sam Altman.
Altman is the visionary of the company who put together the technical side with the money side. ... (full story)