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5 ways pressuring young athletes to perform well does them harm

(THE CONVERSATION) When Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed during a Jan. 3, 2022, NFL football game, much of the public attention was on the pressures athletes face to perform despite the perils they face on the field.
However, as a scholar who specializes in youth sports, I have found that this pressure often begins we ... (full story)

Caffeine and endurance

I’m going to admit that I used a performance enhancing drug during some of my running, cycling, swimming and multi-sport races.
Okay, I’m also going to admit that that the aforementioned is a deceiving bit of hyperbole intended to grab your attention.
Because this performance enhancing drug is anything but remar ... (full story)

California bill calls for revenue sharing in college sports

California bill calls for revenue sharing in college sports

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — A California lawmaker introduced a bill recently that would require schools that play major college sports to pay some athletes as much as $25,000 annually, along with covering the cost of six-year guaranteed athletic scholarships and post-college medical expenses.
The College Athlete Protection Act ... (full story)

Athlete money throws wrinkle into recruiting landscape

Ohio State has produced the most first-round draft picks of any school and is about to make its fifth College Football Playoff appearance.
Those facts would seem to provide quite the recruiting pitch to any college prospect. Yet athletic director Gene Smith still felt the need to issue a public call this month for fans to suppor ... (full story)

Esports seen as pathway to boost diversity in STEM careers

CHICAGO (AP) — As a kid, Kevin Fair would take apart his Nintendo console, troubleshoot issues and put it back together again — experiences the Black entrepreneur says represented "a life trajectory changing moment" when he realized the entertainment system was more than a toy.
"I think I was just genu ... (full story)