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Video testimony in sex crime case unconstitutional, but not to overturn conviction

The Supreme Court of Ohio recently upheld the sexual battery conviction of a Logan County man, finding that the impermissible videoconference testimony from a witness did not impact the outcome of the trial.
The Supreme Court ruled that Eli Carter’s constitutional right to confront witnesses against him had been violated w ... (full story)

Annalisa Williams discusses role as admin/presiding judge

It’s been more than six years since Akron Municipal Court Judge Annalisa S. Williams served as administrative/presiding judge in 2017.
Since then, the court has upgraded its technology, added new programming and moved its operations from the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center to the former Oliver Ocasek Building.
Now afte ... (full story)

The diversity of Americans behind shared opinion 'the country is on wrong track'

(THE CONVERSATION) If you pay any attention to politics and polling, you have likely heard that your friends and neighbors are not very happy with the direction of the country. You might not be, either.
One ABC News/Ipsos survey in November 2023 showed three-quarters of Americans believed the country was on the "wrong track ... (full story)

Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise

(THE CONVERSATION) It has long been held that embassies should be treated as "off-limits" to other nations. Yet in a single week, two governments – both long-established democracies – stand accused of violating, in different ways, the laws surrounding foreign diplomatic missions.
First, on April 1, 2024, Ir ... (full story)

Happier, more connected neighborhoods start right in the front yard

(THE CONVERSATION) A salve for America's loneliness epidemic could exist right in front of its homes.
Front yards are a staple of many American neighborhoods. Lush plantings, porches or trinkets can capture the attention of passersby and spark conversation. Other lawns say "stay away," whether it's through imposing fen ... (full story)