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Americans do talk about peace − just not the same way people do in other countries

(THE CONVERSATION) Americans don't talk much about peace. But it turns out they care about it a lot – they just don't talk about it the way people who have experienced war or civil conflict do.
When public opinion polls in the U.S. ask people about peace, it's either in the context of religion or world peace.
Instead o ... (full story)

DR Judge Kani Hightower discusses her mission on the bench

Imagine having to take five buses to get to the courthouse for a 9 a.m. appearance or parking well over a mile away and walking due to financial challenges and/or a scarcity of nearby lots.
It’s situations like these that Summit County Domestic Relations Court Judge Kani H. Hightower said many residents are forced to deal ... (full story)

Traffic tickets can be profitable and fairness isn't the bottom line in city courts

(THE CONVERSATION) When city governments spend more money than they take in, officials often search for ways to generate revenue. One increasingly common source of money is traffic tickets. And research shows police officers issue more traffic tickets when cities are financially in a deficit.
But police represent only one aspect ... (full story)

Reality TV show contestants more like unpaid interns than movie stars

(THE CONVERSATION) In December 2018, John Legend joined then-newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to criticize the exploitation of congressional interns on Capitol Hill, most of whom worked for no pay.
Legend's timing was ironic.
NBC's "The Voice" had just announced that Legend would join as a judge. He ... (full story)

US policy of 'pragmatic engagement' in Afghanistan risks legitimatizing Taliban rule

(THE CONVERSATION) For two decades, the conflict in Afghanistan occupied international attention and U.S. resources. But ever since American troops withdrew in 2021, the conflict has seemingly been viewed in Washington more as a concern localized to the region of Central and South Asia.
This is due in large part to the U.S.'s sh ... (full story)