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Former Summit Cty. Judge Amy Corrigall Jones discusses new role

She spent the last 10 years of her legal career on the bench, now former Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Amy Corrigall Jones has taken on a new role as vice president of behavioral health at Oriana House Inc.
The private nonprofit behavioral health and community corrections agency provides residential and non-residential ... (full story)

The Justice Department's dilemma over prosecuting politicians before an election

(THE CONVERSATION) As the 2022 midterm campaigns approach Election Day on Nov. 8, 2022, a federal probe into former President Donald Trump's handling of classified documents is testing an unwritten policy of the U.S. Justice Department.
Some legal analysts have suggested that the so-called 60-day rule requires federal prosecutor ... (full story)

Short-hop regional flights could be running on batteries in a few years

(THE CONVERSATION) Electric planes might seem futuristic, but they aren't that far off, at least for short hops.
Two-seater Velis Electros are already quietly buzzing around Europe, electric sea planes are being tested in British Columbia, and larger planes are coming. Air Canada announced on Sept. 15, 2022, that it would buy 30 ... (full story)

Book bans reflect outdated beliefs about how children read

(THE CONVERSATION) Banned Books Week, an annual event that teachers and librarians across the U.S. mark with a combination of distress and defiance, is here again. The theme of this year's event, which takes place Sept. 18-24, is "Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us."
It comes amid regular high-profile efforts to rem ... (full story)

India's economy has outpaced Pakistan's handily since Partition in 1947

(THE CONVERSATION) India and Pakistan inherited the same economic legacy of underinvestment and neglect from Britain when they became independent states following the Partition on Aug. 15, 1947. Their colonial economies were among the poorest in the world.
For both nations, independence almost immediately led to strong growth an ... (full story)