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Some top new products from 2016

Technology for Lawyers

Published: February 10, 2017

All of the legal tech newsletters are weighing in on the best products of the past year. Here are a few that the folks at Technolawyer thought were the cat’s meow:

Contract Tools ( is a MS Word add-on for drafting, analyzing and proofreading written agreements. It tracks the contract as it is being written, tracks sections, is interactive, and more. Highly recommended. Free seven-day trial, then $10/month.

LEAP 365 ( is a cross-platform, cloud-based practice management tool set, which can allow multiple lawyers to work together in real time on different devices. “Everything you need to run a small law firm.”

ExhibitManager5 ( is another MS Word add-on which manages exhibits in legal submissions. Basically, this add-on inserts, tracks, numbers and updates numbers, and collates exhibits. Demo available.

Concordance Desktop from LexisNexis ( is an all-in-one e-discovery suite for smaller firms. High level functionality.

ReplyToSome ( isn’t legal-specific, but everyone who emails multiple recipients in Outlook should get it. Does what is sounds like—it helps you control just who you’re sending those reply emails to. You know you need it. You know you needed it last month.

LexRex ( is new cloud-based practice management software designed for the mobile world from the ground up, although it also functions on the desktop. Fewer pages, workflow automation. Special prompts designed specifically for phones. Looks pretty cool to me. Free 30-day trial would be worth it to check out.

CaseFleet ( is a mashup of client and case management software that creates, compares and manages timelines. I once worked with a software company that had a timeline creator and manager that literally got people acquitted of murder in Louisiana, so I’m a big fan of timelines. You should be, too. Free trial available.

Nutshell ( coordinates your online marketing and follow-through. A lot cheaper than hiring one of those big advertising outfits. Plus Nutshells got me through law school.

Amicus merged with Abacus, and came out with Amicus Attorney Premium 2016 ( It is a cross-platform CRM that does everything, I guess, except list its price on its website. Hence “premium.” You know who you are. Free demo.