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Lawclerk app for freelance attorneys

Technology for Lawyers

Published: September 23, 2022

Let’s say that you want to practice law but you don’t want to do all the fretting of having a physical law practice—overhead, employees, digging out clients, competition—all of that.
You just want to sit around and wait for business to come knocking at your door—specifically working for another attorney or as a paralegal (although you do need to be admitted to a state bar in order to create an account and download the app. Lawclerk’s webpage (https://www.lawclerk.legal) claims that “thousands” of attorneys are looking for assistants through its service.
Well, there’s an app for that-- Lawclerk. The app is available for both Android and Apple products. It has been out in the market for a few years, but just received a serious upgrade and is getting some attention for the legal tech press.
Download Lawclerk, and you could have attorneys hiring you for one-shot projects.
The first step is to go to the Lawclerk webpage and create an account by filling out a fairly extensive background form. If you are looking to hire attorneys, you will go down one path; if you are looking to get hired, you’ll go down another.
The app lets candidates for freelance positions post links to their websites. LinkedIn, resume, writing samples, and peer reviews. It has document collaboration capabilities and offers integration with Clio via email, phone and documentation.
Attorneys can post any project—memos, motions, pleadings, and agreements and set up a fee to be paid. Then interested freelancers can apply to offer their services for that project. Payment is made on a flat-fee, per-project basis. The fee generally varies according to the complexity of the project.
According to the website, attorneys can modify projects on the go through the dashboard. Communication between/among attorneys is secure through the app via emails and texts.
Once the project is finished, the hiring attoeny can leave cxomments and can rate the freelancer.
Lawclerk the app says that a separate potential client app for hiring attorneys is in development. For now, get yourself hired by an attorney and be a freelance just like the best people!