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Probate Division - Relief of Estate - From December 06, 2022


In the Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, 209 S. High Street, Akron, Summit County, Ohio.

Case No. 2022 CV 00180.

Aviva L. Wilcher-Smiley, 1655 W. Market St., Ste. 235, Akron, OH 44313, Guardian of Darlene Busse, Plaintiff vs  Darlene Busse, et al., et al., Defendants.

Unknown Heirs of Darlene Busse, whose last known addresses are unknown, will take notice that on November 2, 2022, Plaintiff, filed a Guardian's Complaint to Sell Real Estate in the Common Pleas Court of Summit County, Ohio, being Case No. 2022 CV 00180, representing that he/she is the duly appointed and qualified Guardian of the above-named Ward an adult of the age of 80 years, having been duly appointed as such by Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer on January 27, 2022, in Case No. 2021 GA 166.

The Plaintiff further represents that said Ward is seized of FEE interest in the following real estate proposed to be sold, situated in the City of Akron, County of Summit, State of Ohio, and described as follows:

Situated in the City of Akron, County of Summit and State of Ohio:

And known as being part of Lot F, Tract 3 and bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at the Southeast corner of said tract; thence North 4 deg. East on tract line, 888 feet to the South line of land now or formerly owned by Russell E. Boyer and Florence E. Boyer; thence North 87 deg. West, 769.6 feet to the true place of beginning; thence North 87 deg. West, 200 feet; thence Norht 4 deg. East, 437.1 feet; thence South 87 deg. East on South line of land owned by C. O. Sprenkle, 200 feet; thence South 4 deg. West, 437.1 feet to the place of beginning, containing 2 acres of land.

PPN#: SP-0004701013000

PM#: 51-07357

Property address: 1553 Cates Road, Akron, OH 44312

that the value of said real estate as near as can be ascertained is TBD and that the nature of the interest of the Ward in such real estate is FEE; that all mortgages and other liens upon and adverse interests in such real estate are as follows: KeyBank, National Association.

Plaintiff further represents that the defendants, Unknown Heirs of Darlene Busse are all the persons entitled to the next estate of inheritance from the Ward in such real estate who are known to reside in Ohio; that the Defendants, Summit County Fiscal Office are lienholders whose claims affect such real estate or a part thereof; that the Defendants, Unknown Heirs of Darlene Busse are all of the other persons holding any right, title or interest in or to said real estate or any part thereof, who are necessary parties to this action and that it is necessary to sell said real estate for the reason Darlene has entered a long term care facility. She is in need of medicaid benefits to pay for her continuted care.

The Plaintiff therefore prays that he/she may be authorized and ordered to sell the FEE interest in said real estate according to the statutes in such case made and provided, to employ and pay a real estate broker if needed in the sale of the real estate herein described, and for all other proper orders and relief to which plaintiff may be entitled in the premises.

Said above named Defendants will further take notice that they are required to answer the Complaint on or before the 10th day of January 2023.

By: AVIVA L. WILCHER-SMILEY, (#0085099), 1655 W. Market St., Ste. 235, Akron, OH 44313, Attorney for Plaintiff.

Nov 29; Dec 6, 13, 2022