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Roetzel associate signs on for OSBA women’s group

Legal News Reporter

Published: January 13, 2016

Ever since she started at Roetzel & Andress in 2013, Jessica Lopez said she has worked alongside other female attorneys at the firm to help further the professional and personal lives of women in the legal profession.

She joined the Roetzel Women of Success Initiative in 2014. Most recently Lopez officially became a member of the Ohio State Bar Association Women in the Profession Section Council.

“The council’s goal is to give women the skills to be leaders in the legal profession,” said Lopez. “The section currently has about 922 members and we want to find out what tangible skills these members believe they need in order to meet this objective.”

“Jessica is one of the more remarkable young associates I have worked with over my 35-year career,” said Roetzel & Andress administrative partner Ronald Kopp. “Early on, I noticed that she had a keen interest in issues pertaining to women in the profession. 

“Near the beginning of her career here, she began organizing events in which other women, especially in the Akron office, could get together and talk about common issues,” said Kopp, president-elect of the OSBA.

“So when a spot on the council came open, I nominated Jessica because I thought she would contribute a lot to the effort.”

In early December, the OSBA Board of Governors approved Lopez’ appointment. She started her three-year term on Jan. 1.

In addition to helping female attorneys take on leadership roles, the section also serves as a resource to help members communicate with each other and share knowledge and resources.

Born in Lansing, Michigan Lopez attended the University of Michigan, where she majored in political science and Spanish. She received her juris doctor and LL.M. from The University of Akron School of Law.

In 2012, she worked as a summer associate at Roetzel & Andress, landing a job in the Akron office in 2013.

“I really enjoy being a part of the Akron community,” said Lopez. “I primarily handle business, commercial and intellectual property litigation. I have a master of laws in intellectual property with a focus on trademarks and trade secrets so I am very excited that I get to handle that type of work at Roetzel.

“Since I am the only associate in my group, I get a lot of hands-on experience and I am being mentored by two partners, Stephen Funk and Ronald Kopp.”

In addition to her position with the Women in the Profession Section Council, Lopez sits on the OSBA’s Council of Delegates and is a member of the Akron Bar Association.

“I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the OSBA at such a young age,” said Lopez. “I look forward to becoming more actively involved in leadership roles offered through the Akron Bar Association.”

She said the Women in the Profession Section Council is planning two panels--one on Jan. 29 and another on March 11.

The first is entitled “Man-Tors,” and features three male attorneys who will discuss their past experiences mentoring women who obtained elevated leadership roles.

“The attorneys will discuss what type of skills these women worked on and how it led them to improve their roles, whether they were at a large or small firm or had a solo practice,” Lopez said.

She said the March 11 event is modeled after the American Bar Association’s Grit Project, which educates women lawyers about the science behind the grit and growth mindset, two traits that many successful female attorneys possess.

“I am hoping to raise awareness about the section and its benefits among my demographic at the firm,” said Lopez. “I am a younger attorney who has practiced for a few years and there are many others like me. I want to learn what skills women in my age group feel they need to take on leadership roles.”