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Eight steps to automating your firm

Technology for Lawyers

Published: December 8, 2017

This column has covered any number of apps designed to automate aspects of a law practice, but the ABA Journal has been kind enough to gather a few of them in one place, so I’ll rinse and repeat them.

Cool thing here is author David Britton has gathered apps together that make a small office look larger, while at the same time not losing the personal touch. Nice job, David.

First up are the two most obvious steps: Case management software and document automation software. There are any number of these products on the market, so the only advice would be to make sure that the product you choose fits your needs and has room to grow and change with your practice.

Now, for some specific apps.

x.ai (https://x.ai) is a “personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.” It is a bit more than that. The app generates an email flow to any group of people who you want to schedule a meeting with, and keeps the emails going by itself until the meeting is scheduled. Possibly the first of these scheduling apps to use AI principles to operate. Free trial available.

Streak.com (https://www.streak.com) is a “CRM inside of Gmail.” Streak saves and email templates across the entire firm, which should increase productivity exponentially. Free to individual users, then $40 a month and up for commercial users depending on customizability.

Hootsuite (https://hootsuite.com) is what the pros use to manage and schedule social media postings (unless you pay someone to do that—but whoever you pay probably uses this product). Free trial available.

Mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com) automates your group emails. Like everyone is using this but you. Operates on the highest level. Integrates with some case management software.

IFTTT (https://ifttt.com or as an app). If This, Then That automatically schedules an action fi and when another action precedes it (like—if you are going out to lunch, then you’ll stop at Marc’s, or if you post something on Facebook, it automatically posts it to the rest of your social media). Infinitely useful.

Ruby Receptionists (https://www.callruby.com) is a virtual receptionist which answers the phone with any message you wish and can be set up to ask leading questions to help figure out why the caller is calling, and then will message you. No more lost potential clients who can’t get through. Secret: Use coupon code PANTHERSOFTWARE to save $75 off your first invoice.