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Canadians jump in with legal apps for Word, contract AI

Technology for Lawyers

Published: December 15, 2017

Everything is cool north of the border, and two Canadian legal app developers are here to prove it.

First up is a Word add-in that makes all of a firm’s documents conform to a firm standard. As in—how can a law firm automatically make every lawyer and other document producer create docs that all look like they came from the same firm?

That would be the add-in Word LX Enterprise, found at https://infowaregroup.com/word-lx-enterprise. Once a firm bellies up to this app, developer Infoware (not to be confused with the Alex Jones site) works with the firm to create templates and other forms that control the firm’s document appearance throughout every platform, including word processing, emailing, practice management, document management, and all the rest of a law office’s docs and all from the Word ribbon.

Once the app is installed and integrated with the firm’s platforms, a user can create a custom form and then import the firm’s “look” into the completed document. There is a lot more to this app, so check it out.

Another Canadian developer, Diligen (https://www.diligensoftware.com) has come out with a learning machine contract review app that “applies machine learning technology to bring key provisions or particular pieces of information to the top of the digital pile for review, cutting contract review time by 50 percent.”

Diligen is completely scalable to any size document and any number of contributors. It starts with a high-level search of what is in the docs, then allows a user to drill down. Load the contract into the app and set search parameters for names, dates, clause types, document type, governing law, and more. Results are then color-coded for review. So, if you’re looking for time limits, for instance, one click can bring up all of the time constraints in any document.

Then the system can assign reviewers and keep track of the review’s progress. Reviewers can jump to any part of the document with one click. Notes, questions and red flags can be posted inside the document.

The AI part is the app’s trainability. Coming with a set of recognized clauses, users can train it to recognize any other kind of clause.

Check them out before they’re busired in snow!