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Tips on hiring a law firm marketing agency

Technology for Lawyers

Published: October 8, 2021

There are numerous reasons to hire a law firm marketing agency if your business is to the point that you need to connect with more potential clients, but you don’t have the time or skills to market yourself.
For one, they will know how to create specific social media campaigns tailored to your needs without you having to experiment. Contracting with a marketing agency is generally cheaper than hiring an in-house marketeer. They know how to get leads (rather than just referrals). And they know how to get you noticed in a very crowded and competitive field.
So if you’re there, here’s what to look for.
First, only hire a marketing firm that has a successful track record with law firms. You know, hire industry expertise. Check their website and blogs and ask for and check references. You may even be able to find a law firm marketing agency that has particular expertise in your area(s) of law practice.
Check case studies that they should have published on their websites, as well as Google reviews and any other reviews posted anywhere.
Make sure that the agency is transparent about the results of their campaigns. You should have complete access to all of their performance metrics and where they are on hitting their goals, and you should get a report every month or two. Their Google reviews will tell you if they do this. Or don’t.
Don’t get involved in a long-term contract with the agency. The sales person can tell you if you can at least start out month-to-month, and then take it from there.
Make sure that the agency can do what you want. Ask what their entire range of services is, and make sure that social media and creating/maintaining up-to-date SEO on the website/blog is at the top of the list. To make sure that the agency will do what you need, you will have to have some idea of what you want to accomplish before you start talking to them, and an increased Internet presence in the right places should be at the top of the list.
Don’t be shy about asking for pricing up front.
Ask about communication/collaboration/education processes between the agency and the law firm—they need to be upfront about those, or forget it.
Thanks to rankings.io for the rundown.