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Performing a social media strategy checkup

Technology for Lawyers

Published: October 22, 2021

If your social media is getting you the results you want—good for you. But if you are treading water or trending downward, even if you are dedicating the amount of time you need to—you probably need to tighten up your approach. Here are some things to look at to update and freshen your social media.
First, don’t spread yourself too thinly on multiple platforms. Find the one or two you are strongest in. It’s easy to let all of it go if you have too much to do.
Second—and this is not easy—schedule your posts according to the strengths of each platform. LinkedIn during the week, because it is for working people. Facebook’s algo doesn’t like you posting more than once a day or less; Instagram at least once a day. Keeping up with Twitter is a battle, and I’m not sure how effective that platform is for lawyers looking for business. But retweeting takes no time and keeps you in the game.
But the main thing here is staying in the game. People will lose track of you if you don’t post regularly. So if you start, don’t stop.
You have to write a blog and otherwise stay current in order to keep your SEO ranking up. If you can’t write a personal blog, hire someone who can.
But make sure that you are posting compelling information that people will want to read, like and comment on. Give people info. Don’t try to sell them. Use the active voice and proper grammar. Then give them a call to action at the end—something to do like attending a webinar, signing up for a contest, one of those free dinners, etc. Don’t leave them hanging.
If people do comment or give other feedback, respond to it. Not all feedback will be positive, and the way you handle negative comments will say a lot about how you handle a difficult case.
Target your advertising to your target audience. Don’t waste ad money.
Have everyone affiliated with the firm promote the firm page on their own social media pages. Get the word out. And cross-promote with other people. Create networks that will keep people engaged.