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A more secure cloud

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Published: January 3, 2014

I absolutely promise that this will be my last column on Dropbox security, and it is only because a new company is rolling out apps that it says will make DB and the rest of document sharing in the cloud secure.


Everyone, as they say, loves Dropbox—except for CIO’s, CISO’s or whoever is in charge of compliance and security. Recently, I covered several apps that encrypt documents in Dropbox. Because of that, a new company working on a really cranked-up version of a “drop-in” personal/enterprise cloud security program contacted me.

The company is nCrypted Cloud out of Boston. While their market entry point was Dropbox security, they have really big plans that may change the way that documents are shared on the Internet altogether.

The company was founded by two folks who came from the company DLP, looking for something new to do.

At the time, there were no security/ encryption products dedicated to Dropbox. There are a couple now, but the developers at nCrypted cloud had a bigger vision.

They wanted to create a product that would be applicable to many different functions. Starting with a means for encrypting Dropbox, they have started to move into other cloud and cloud-like areas, especially in functions like email, but, at the same time, not have access to the document. That would be different from several types of drop-in cloud security products, which do have access to the stored documents. This was to provide another layer of security for the consumer.

The idea was to be able to create a product that would encrypt any document or other communication by simply dropping the encryption product on the top of the document or storage app.

Again, they started with Dropbox, and got that function up and running. They are now on to other types of storage and communication.

Their spokesman recently sent me a couple of encrypted emails. The admin function is held by the sender. The recipient gets a code to open the email, which can be withdrawn at any the by the sender. Pretty cool.

There is a lot more on the way from this start-up. Keep your eyes and ears open.