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Login | February 25, 2024

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The Akron Legal News is a daily publication devoted to legal, financial, real estate and general news. Designated by the Federal, County and Municipal Courts as the Official Law Journal of Summit County, Ohio.

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Fake Michigan Certificate of Votes mailed to U.S. Senate after 2020 presidential vote, official says

A fake Certificate of Votes was submitted to the U.S. Senate following Michigan's 2020 presidential election, an official testified recently during a preliminary hearing for six people facing forgery and other charges for allegedly serving as false electors.
The "purported" Certificate of Votes didn't match an official ... (full story)

Senate Bill would abolish plane sales tax exemption

A Delaware lawmaker wants to make less attractive the practice of Ohioans purchasing manned aircraft and flying it out of state to close on the sale of the new plane.
Republican Sen. Andrew Brenner said the so-called “fly-away exemption” relieves the purchaser of having to pay sales tax when the sale of aircraft is c ... (full story)

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